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"The Lament of a Bears' fan in Packer City, Calif.

It’s killing me to be living in Chico, CA., right now – hometown of Aaron Rodgers. The Tule Fog has set in, and it’s not lifting.  This is the weather pattern of dark, gloomy, foggy, air – where sometimes you can’t see more than 20 feet ahead of you. Which seems to reflect my mood... Read more »


 A prediction is a statement about the way things will happen in the future, or that some outcome is expected.  Often, but not always, it is based on knowledge or experience. A delusion is usually a fixed belief that is either false or pathological, despite evidence to the contrary.  FOR TODAY’S  NFC Championship Game –... Read more »

Bears' Fans in Aaron Rodgers' Hometown - IMAGINE THAT!

For a Chicago-born life-long Bears’ fan, living in Aaron Rodgers home town of Chico, CA., could be…… …(you fill in the blank).  Right.  That bad.  And even worse.  I’m not talkin’ just awful or painful, I’m saying every four-letter word that my family and friends know I’m capable of saying. And that barely covers it.  ... Read more »

"Be Careful What You Wish For"

Fast Forward to January 23, 2011. Chris Berman, on ESPN: “Good evening, football fans all around the country. Nothing could have prepared the sports world today for this unimaginable NFC Championship game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field.  Tommy, how did this happen?  Tommy Jackson:  “Right you are Chris. ... Read more »

True Grit: Chicago Style

January 3, 2011   I was pissed that the Bears lost to Green Bay, along with millions of other fans like me. We’re just hopelessly passionate about our football team, and while I recognize this game did not “really mean anything,” in terms of playoff standings, it will take at least a few weeks to... Read more »

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman Pre-Game Show: Bears v. Packers 1-2-11

Joe:  Good afternoon sports fans.  Happy New Year to everyone.  Troy and I thank you for joining us today from Green Bay, Wisconsin, where the Chicago Bears face the Packers in a game that begins with only one surprise:  the record of both clubs beginning the last week of this 2010 football season.     Troy: ... Read more »