A prediction is a statement about the way things will happen
in the future, or that some outcome is expected.  Often, but not always, it is based on
knowledge or experience.

A delusion is usually a fixed belief that is either false or
pathological, despite evidence to the contrary. 

FOR TODAY’S  NFC Championship Game – Cheeseheads v. our CHICAGO BEARS: 


1.      Peanut
Tillman will get an interception.

2.      Julius
Peppers will sack Rogers.  Today’s officials will make “holding calls”
(finally) vs. Green Bay,
when Peppers is rushing the QB. 

3.      Chris
Harris will play the game of his life, despite being in pain.

4.      Brian
Urlacher doesn’t care which Packer QB (Favre or Rodgers) is calling out
plays:  he’ll call the right defensive
scheme and go after anyone with the ball. 

5.      Lance
Briggs will tackle Starks and stop his running game.

6.      Devin
Hester and Danieal Manning will create anxiety for Mason Crosby.

7.      Israel
Idonije will wreak havoc on the Packers’ defensive tackles.

8.      Tommie
Harris will step up to the plate as never before. 

9.      Our
offensive line will give Jay time for 4-5 step drops.

10.  Matt Forte
will rush over 75 yards.

11.  Chester
Taylor will bring us, at a minimum, three 1st downs.

12.  Earl
Bennett will be Jay’s favorite target today. 

13.  Greg Olsen
will tower over his defenders and make, at a minimum, four catches for
significant gains.

14.  QUICK
SLANTS to Devin Hester, Johnny Knox, Devin Hester, & Rashied Davis, will be our savior
for the Green Bay
rushes on Cutler.

calls better be part of the offensive scheme, or Martz will be on my sh….t

16.  Kellen
Davis will throw some blocks to open up the running game, along with making
some timely catches.

17.  Jay Cutler will not throw one interception.

18.  Garrett
Wolfe will down Brad Maynard’s punts within the Packer 10 yard line.

19.  The FANS in
Soldier Field will be cheering madly, as Jim Cornelison is singing his heart

20.  Lovie
better over-rule Martz to keep the passes and rushes balanced.

21.  Rod
Marinelli can use every word in the book to keep his defense focused.

22.  Dan
Jiggetts and Company will be drinking their kool-aid for hours after the game.

23.  This South
Side Sports Chick will be a nervous wreck the entire game, pacing up and down
in front of Jim (hometown of Rockford, Ill. ) and Gloria’s (hometown
Metropolis, Ill.) flat screen TV. 

24.  President
Obama will be going to the Super Bowl.  

25.  Robbie
Gould will be Gold – Bears by 3. 

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    Hey there sports chick sending warm aloha from Hawaiii you chicago people are crazy,,,,,,,,,,
    with warm aloha Gary shane's sister Barbara

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