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The Favre 15 Commandments

What we now have are the Favre 15 Commandments, delivered from Mount Metrodome:   I am the best QB ever, anywhere, always. Never will there be another one like me. I am anointed by all of you, always.  I walk on hallowed ground.  Everyone prays that each week I will be THE QB in every... Read more »

Devin Hester: Humility VS. Mr. Wrangler: Self-Absorption

Humility is “the quality or state of being humble” (Webster’s Dictionary, 2010).  In his post-game interview, Devin exhibited a genuine, sincere reflection of what it meant to set the NFL record for touchdowns scored by way of punt/ kick-off returns, in his short career.  “First of all I want to thank God and my mom.... Read more »

NFL Concussion Confusion Tonight: Part II

George Visger,  ex-SF 49ers, Defensive End, weighed in on my recent blog regarding the Bears v. Vikings playing in the Gopher Hole tonight.  I have included Mr. Visger’s links and comments below, regarding the (lack of) attention he received by the NFL on his multiple concussions.  The conditions of the Gopher Hole field tonight:  -15... Read more »

NFL Concussion Confusion in Gopher Land.

The Weather Channel forecasts snow with a temperature around -18 degrees wind chill factor,  for Monday evening’s Bears v. Vikings.  The game will be played outside in the Gopher Hole (University of Minnesota’s outdoor football stadium).  I doubt our furry friends will  pop their heads out of the ground, let alone even fantasize about seeing... Read more »


 Ken Harrelson’s famous call, encoded in my memory,  most definitely applies to:  …Brett Favre – you know what I can’t wait for?  Listening or watching any Sports radio & TV program, and NOT hearing about this self-absorbed, all-about-me, self-centered Wrangler star.  DONE, period.  Any team who decides to visit Hattisburg in May deserves him, deserves... Read more »

Protecting Ice, 101: for today's Bears' game v. Patriots

The winner of today’s game will be the one whose players catch and hold on to an icy rock, period.  Patriots v. Bears today, in 2 hours.  Cold, icy, windy:  with temperature dropping to the low 20’s.  Lake Shore Wind, gotta love it.   Usually, this type of weather forecast gives an advantage to the... Read more »

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance

These words are the emotions most recognized regarding stages of grief, introduced in 1969 by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.  Dr. Kubler-Ross was a physician at the University of Chicago’s Medical School, while working with oncology patients. While much has been written in the last 50 years regarding how accurate these stages and concepts may reflect the multiple... Read more »