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"Be More Concerned About Your Character than Your Reputation"

 How many media-enhanced sports figures, or their lawyers & agents,  have any idea what John Wooden, UCLA Basketball coach meant?  Is there any wonder Coach Wooden won 10 NCAA Championships, and spawned players such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Walton with such a philosophy?  We have multiple examples of the narcissism and self-absorbed behaviors of... Read more »

As Wounded Animals: Our Bears Fight Back

Freshman Biology at Bowen High School, taught Suzie Fox and I that wounded animals either seek refuge to die, or fight back.  Not only have our Chicago Bears played as if they were dying a slow death, of late,  but their lack of leadership and offensive play have looked as bad as the Rickets family... Read more »

Leaders Raise the Level of the Play Around Them

Mark Buehrle won his 2nd Gold Glove for 2010.  Baseball’s managers and coaches got this one right.  This standard was set on the first day of the season with his nearly impossible ” between-his-legs- in -foul –territory toss “to who else, Paul Konerko.  If you ever watched ESPN’s “Plays of the Day”, they showed their... Read more »

Judgment Calls: Good, Sound, Poor, Inexcusable, or Impaired?

So, how is your mind working today, judging by the performance of our teams?  Yeah, the Bears won, but really, can anyone out there realistically see them as a real 5-3 threat?  Only Lovie, Angelo, and Martz.  It appears that  Halas Hall remains in denial, which is our brains’ way of staving off unconscious pain. ... Read more »

Judgment Calls - On and off the Field of Play: Part 1

Last night, Chicago Bulls’ Derek Rose was definitely fouled by Boston’s Rajon Rondo in the last play of regulation.  Bad judgment call by the NBA Ref, right on top of the play.  But then again, they were in Boston, and this was Rondo – definitely a “home call” which Kendall Gill spoke to on his... Read more »

Anxiety Disorders, 101.

Sunday, October 24, 2010 The Chicago Bears’ game today, in its 17 – 14 loss to the Redskins, most definitely represents a variety of anxiety disorders, for the entire organization:  from the players and coaches to the pinheads up in the booths.  My profession, by day, expects me to know what these terms describe:   “panic... Read more »

Get Rid of Those Bums!

Monday, October 18, 2010 This is what my father, Zozzy, would have yelled,  after the Bears were thoroughly out-coached, out-played, out-rushed, and outted as the NFL worst, on 3rd down conversions, yesterday.  Unfortunately, my Dad left us way too young, but enough memories remain. From his way of  working and living:  if you’re hired for... Read more »

Favre - The Blitz He Never Expected

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 It gives this Chicago sports fan no greater pleasure than to watch Brett Favre lose, period. In the Monday night game he threw for his 500th career TD. He continued to set the NFL record for QB interceptions, as the Jets intercepted him on the final drive.  Game – Set- Match.... Read more »

Chemistry: Konerko's and A.J.'s Value Beyond the Score Card

Sunday, October 3, 2010 The first definitions of “Chemistry” in  Webster’s dictionary refer to the 3rd period class I had to take at Bowen High School in my junior year.  Thank God Suzy Fox and I were lab partners for every science class since 9th grade.  I loved getting my hands sticky and wet while... Read more »

The Morning After (Packers - Bears) in Chico, CA.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 A Mutual Groan by the Cheese heads encompassed the Graduate, a Sports Bar here in Chico, CA. after  Gould’s 3 point winner.  You could see them shaking, some disgustingly getting up and pushing their chairs against the tables, knocking down glasses, grabbing purses, and thumping to the door.  Aaron Rodgers’ hometown... Read more »