Judgment Calls - On and off the Field of Play: Part 1

Last night, Chicago Bulls’ Derek Rose was definitely fouled by Boston’s
Rajon Rondo in the last play of regulation.  Bad judgment call by the
NBA Ref, right on top of the play.  But then again, they were in
Boston, and this was Rondo – definitely a “home call” which Kendall
Gill spoke to on his postgame show.  In total though, our defense, especially in the 2nd quarter when the Celtics made a 22 – 3 run, didn’t help. I was at our local bar, Duffy’s – and really guys, it was awful. 

And what was that call, Ron Washington, choosing to pitch to Edgar Renteria
with first base open and 2 outs in  game #5 of the World Series?  
Hello!!  3 run homer, and the Giants’ fans knew this was the beginning of
the parade for them.  Those Red State fans were turning blue in the face, in spite of this weeks’ election results.  Poor judgment, inexcusable judgment,  as some said. 

Oh yeah, Tom – not putting in the  Bulls’ starters in Thursday nights’ game, after the bench players cut the deficit to 8 pts?  A lesson, you say?  Charles and Kenny on TNT called it a ‘college coach’s call’ to do what, teach his players a lesson?  So what lesson was that, pray tell?  Don’t treat our best players in this manner. Give them, and us fans, the opportunity for  an incredible comeback. I recall game 6, Trailblazers v. Bulls, 1992 – down 18 points, the bench brings us back, and Phil puts Michael and Scottie back in. We all know what happened after that.  Thibodeaux – you showed us poor judgment, plain and simple. 

We make judgment calls in every part of lives:  Do I go out on a date with that guy from Match.Com? Do I ask him up for a “night cap?”  Do I go through that yellow light while late for the job interview?  Do I eat 2 pieces of chocolate cake? (of course I do, along with the glass of Baileys on the rocks!)  Do I watch the last 3 outs of the White Sox 2005 World Series win, (how did Juan Uribe do it?) while grading mid-term papers for  my grad. students, or do I  grade papers after watching Cutler’s 4 interceptions by DeAngelo Hall? 

Judgment calls are made by NBA, NHL and NFL refs, or baseball umpires.  Every sports TV channel, be it TNT, ESPN, Versus, TBS, local Comcasts, or FOX ,can play highlights on TV for us fans, what a single human eye (and mind) decides in a split second. A wrong call can turn a game on a dime, a championship into a loss, or a playoff series extended by corrupt refs (thank you Tim Donaghy), for money which goes into everyone’s pocket, mostly into those of the Las Vegas bookies.  

Certainly the worst sport call this year was baseball ump Jim Joyce unfortunately denying Tiger’s Armando Galarrago of a perfect game.  What was even worse was Bud Selig refusing to overturn what even Joyce felt remorse about.  But then again, we’re dealing with Selig, so no surprise on his poor judgment, ever. 

Today, Coach Q made an excellent judgment call, and cut the Blackhawks’ ice time practice after 15 minutes.  He was, apparently, not pleased.  Our guys got the point, and finally pulled out a victory tonight.  Not that it had anything to do with playing against 4 of their own from last year, but obviously, it worked.

This South Side Sports Chick can’t wait to find out what types of calls our offense has in store for the Bears v. Bills tomorrow afternoon.  Professor Nurghie once said, “he who expects nothing is seldom disappointed.”  Well fans, find out what this lady has to say about any judgment calls which will be made by Martz and company v. the worst NFL rush defense in the league in Part 2.  Impaired judgment  has been the standard this season, so why expect anything else? 



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  • Athletes are guilty too. Cliff Lee said he's just not the kind of pitcher to walk guys. Well, Cliff, it's the world series. Maybe you should think for a minute. As for Cutler's judgment I don't think that one needs to be explained, both because it's obvious and because talking about it more may bring suppressed memories to light. We can only hope the winless Bills are the medicine the Bears need, but even if we win, we won't have beaten a team with a win since September. So let's not let our OWN judgment lapse if there are smiles at Halas Hall on Monday...

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