"Be More Concerned About Your Character than Your Reputation"

 How many media-enhanced sports figures, or their lawyers & agents,  have any idea what John
Wooden, UCLA Basketball coach meant?  Is
there any wonder Coach Wooden won 10 NCAA Championships, and spawned players such
as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Walton with such a philosophy? 

We have multiple examples of the narcissism and
self-absorbed behaviors of these multi-millionaire athletes, who care little
about those laid flat in their path, than their pocketbooks.  Brett Favre v. Brad Childress.   LeBron, Wade, and Bosh v. Eric Spolster.  Ben Rothlisberger vs. disempowered, young
women.  Tom Brady v. his ex-girlfriend
Bridget Moynahan and his/ their child (not wanting to pay child support, huh
Mr. GQ?).

How about sports agents & lawyers, the “entourages”,
bookies in Las Vegas,
or sports reporters?  They care only
about power and money, period. Reputation is #1, regardless of how it is earned – just like the big bucks in your bank accounts. 

While I admit to being biased towards our Chicago sports players, and while I have
never been in their locker rooms, it is my impression that our 2005 and 2010
championships have created men with character. 
Toews, Kane, Hossa, Keith, Byfuglien, Ladd, Paulie, Buehrle, Crede, Garland, Rowand, Uribe, –
all work hard, play hard, share their goals, & rarely displayed selfish/
self-absorbed behaviors.

They got their rings, they got their Stanley Cup, they got
their claim to fame, they got their short-lived media attention, and all the
while, continue to be men to whom we Chicagoans can look up to – and want our
children to cheer.  They care about us,
their fan base, and move on when (unfortunately) traded for the ‘business”
aspect of the game. They get it. 

So now we have Michael Vick coming to town.  McNabb has always defeated our Bears, so in
September,  I assumed Cobb would be the
guy this week.  No problemo, huh? 

The sports media has, for all purposes, now designated
Michael Vick the MVP of the football this year. 
Right on.  Great move guys.  A true man of character, someone our kids
should see on Prime Time each week. 

What’s your problem, South Side Sports Chick?  He repaid his debt to society, so it’s time
to move on.  Our society believes in
rehabilitation.  Reward him for play on
the field.  Forget about the past. 

Right.  Forget he funded
a violent dog-fighting ring, was arrested and convicted because he lied about
hanging, drowning, & electrocuting dogs which did not perform up to his
standards.  Nice work, Mike.  In court, you denied “acceptance of
responsibility,”  yet told your fan base
through the media that you were sorry for your actions. 

So which  is it?  What does this tell us about how much
deception you continue to display now? 
How genuine are you?  How can we
really tell you’re apologetic? 

Well, you’ve got your reputation, Michael.  On ESPN, FOX, NFL, they all adore you.  You’re the man.  You’ve got what it takes for Philly to once regain
their sporting recognition, after the SF Giants cracked your Liberty Bell even
further last month.

Guess again, Mr. Vick.  Tomorrow you’ll face the Chicago Bears’ defense.  # 1 in the league (unlike your legal defense in court).  We’re coming after you just as the Georgia courts
did 3 years ago.  We’ll break up your
rhythm.  We’ll tackle you in the open
field.  You can run, but never hide.  We’ll intercept your passes &
cause turnovers around 2 – 3 times. 
That’s our game, buddy. 

 And we’re truthful about it, because we’re the ones with
character.  You don’t come close to Luol
Deng, nor Israel Idonije, giving back to our communities, being sincere and
honest sports figures and gentlemen. That’s what Chicago Sports stand for.  The city with the Big Shoulders, and the right kind of fighting against the odds-makers in Nevada, not against innocent furry animals. 

Finally Mr. Vick,  you
probably never even heard what another man from Atlanta, Georgia said in 1963,
when he spoke about his dream, that  his four
children would someday not be “judged by the color of their skin, but by the
content of their character.”

Character Mr. Vick – something you and Brett Favre, and Tom Brady, and LeBron James will never understand.  But something Mr. King told all of us, which the rest of us will always understand.    


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