Take a Break from Yourself: It's Not All About YOU Anyway

Take a Break from Yourself: It's Not All About YOU Anyway
Get over yourself.

Two words: This. Week.

Am I right?

Words cannot even begin to describe the pain and confusion many of us have experienced in the last week. As we try to make sense of it all, I want everyone to take a break from themselves.

This is not to be confused with taking a break for yourself, which typically consists of an afternoon pick me up at Starbucks, getting a pedicure, or taking a siesta this weekend. While those things are important too, that isn’t what I mean.

I want you to really take a break from the confines of thinking about yourself. Stop worrying about how something affects you, your day, your life, your beliefs, your wants, your needs.

Think perhaps of how a situation might affect someone else.

Think of someone you love.

Think of someone hurting.

Think of someone else.

Anyone else, but yourself.

Let’s face it people, it isn’t all about you anyway.

Step outside the confines of you and reach out to a friend who you know needs a phone call, instead of being angry they didn’t call you back. Get your elderly neighbor’s newspaper instead of rushing out the door early so you can get your coffee. Congratulate someone on that new job instead of crabbing about not getting a promotion yourself. When at the store, grab an extra gallon of milk and drop it off for your friend who just had a baby instead of getting that pack of gum for your purse.

When there’s chaos, there seems to be fear, and where there’s fear there’s negativity. This week, I noticed quite a bit of negativity. However, I also noticed a great deal of positivity as well. What did all the positive situations have in common? Empathy. They were all situations which involved someone taking a moment to step outside themselves and wonder just for a moment what it must be like to walk in someone else’s shoes rather than be so worried about how to get something of their own.

In my experience, empathy stimulates kindness, and kindness generates more kindness.

Perhaps calling that friend will lead to going out for coffee. Maybe getting your neighbor’s paper will mean she will bake you a pie. Maybe congratulating that person on their new job, will keep that contact alive and they will think of you when they need a new hire. Your friend with the new baby might invite you in for dinner.

Just take a little break from yourself, if just for a moment and see all the greatness that unfolds.


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