The Real American Blogger

The Real American Blogger

Coming soon is a documentary by Chris Wiegand called American Blogger.

When I first saw the trailer full of chevron, polka dots, and immaculately clean houses, I couldn’t believe it was a documentary. It looked very different from the raw and real documentaries that are typically expected. This could be the reason why there seems to be a great deal of backlash among well… it seems to be everyone regarding American Blogger.

I am a blogger. A Real American Blogger. For those that don’t know, I write here at ChicagoNow, but like a lot of other bloggers/writers trying to “make it” I write other places too. I manage my own domestic site called Home Everyday, and I am a regular contributor to Chicago Parent. I am also in the writing program at The Second City Training Center here in Chicago. I write because I love it, not because it is glamorous.

Sometimes writing can be glamorous. I mean the first time you meet a person you admire and have been reading for years and she says, “I read you too.” That is almost life affirming. The days when you get a Tweet from someone  and think, “YES! This is it! Mindy Kaling will call any day now!” You, then, realize Mindy Kaling doesn’t have your phone number, and writing is mostly just that: writing. It is also editing, building an audience, finding material, and it can all be incredibly grueling.

Andy Hinds of the Daily Beast wrote a though provoking post about why American Blogger is being made fun of and why so many writers and bloggers are having a hard time with accepting this documentary. Last week, at the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop I attended (another thing we writers have to do), we learned what makes specifically humor writing (but this is true of all writing) so glorious and that is: it speaks truthAmerican Blogger just simply is not speaking to the truth of the American Writer/Blogger experience.

So, my friend Kari Hoban of A Gracefull Life and I decided to talk about what blogging is to us and made our own movie trailer. We hope you enjoy The Real American Blogger.

Because, you see, what gets us through those grueling days is not only our love of writing. We will continue to work toward our writing goals, but hopefully, someday our kids will read these words and say. “Mom was hysterical!”

The rest is just (homemade) gravy.


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