The Kelly Blazek Controversy and a Lesson in Manners

I love Chicago, and I am a South of I-80 gal, but for a brief while I lived in Cleveland. I attended John Carroll University and graduated with a degree in Business Management (BLUE STREAKS!) I still have some friends and some ties to Cleveland, but mostly my life is here in Chicago. However, when the Kelly Blazek controversy started making its way across the news, my heart sank a little for all my my business friends who live and work in my second favorite Midwestern city.

For those that don’t know, Kelly Blazek is the Head of the Cleveland Job Bank. She basically is the Cleveland Job Guru. She has hundreds of connections in Cleveland and has been able to find thousands of people jobs in fields like communications, PR, and marketing. However, the Job Bank is a closed group. Also, while Blazek has hundreds of LinkedIN connections she is very particular who she links up with as to keep good relationships with the businesses with whom she works.

A few days ago, some poorly written emails by Blazek in response to requests to be a part of her Job Bank went viral. In them, she is brash and borderline insulting.

For a fleeting moment, I did feel for Blazek. I mean, she probably gets thousands of requests a day from people, and the SPAM. My goodness the SPAM! The SPAM I get is so exhausting, so I cannot imagine Blazek’s inbox. However, I have to say, I would never in a thousand years write emails like that.

I have been out of the work-out-of-the-home-force for some time now. There are many people that would say that I have no business commenting on this issue, as I have no business sense at all. That’s fine, everyone has the right to their opinion. But as someone who is currently writing three blogs, doing DIY projects, trying to create a brand, looking into a manuscript, taking writing classes at Second City to hone my craft, manage all of my own technology all this while trying manage a household which includes budgeting, shopping, meal prep, planning, cleaning, cooking, chauffeuring, and health care. I would also say, that I have a little bit of experience when it comes to dealing with business relations.

I also am the mother to three children under six. So, if I know anything, I know about manners. I spend my days teaching my kids how to use kind words, ask for things politely, and say please and thank you.

In some ways I understand where Kelly Blazek was coming from, in her apology this morning she talks about her frustration. We’ve all been there. However, it doesn’t mean you get to throw all decorum out the window. Regardless of weather she had a bad day or not, these two emails could have cost Blazek something that she really loved doing.

I don’t care if you are a 2 year old asking for a cookie a the President of the United States asking for a vote. Please use your manners.

Thank you.

(See what I did there?)


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