Roger Ebert, Movies, and My Favorite Monologues

Today marks the first day of the 15th Annual Roger Ebert’s Film festival also known as EbertFest. This annual event will not be the same with the recent passing of the beloved film critic. As a tribute to someone many of us ChicagoNow bloggers truly respect, we are writing about the movies.

I’m not going to lie. My taste in movies is quite eclectic. I have often been known to watch old classics on TCM like Mr. Blandings Builds His Dreamhouse or The Philadelphia Story over and over again. However, I have also been known to be a lover of all things comedy as well as have made my husband suffer through some pretty cheesey romance films. I don’t like to admit it, but I have also seen some pretty bad movies like Magic Mike (you can read about that horrific experience HERE).

With that being said, I have compiled a list of some pretty eclectic movies. They are not necessarily my favorites of all time (although they would all make my top 100), but they contain some of my most favorite movie characters saying some of my most favorite lines.

I like these monologues for several reasons, but mostly because they help to establish who the character is and what they are all about.

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