I Still Think 1990 Was Ten Years Ago

In the last few days, I’ve come to the realization that once you hit 30, you lose all concept of time.

What triggered this? A few things actually, for example 1994 being  featured on XRT’s Saturday Morning Flashback this past weekend and realizing my first ever CD purchase was 20 years ago, but mostly it was THIS.

The Sandlot, one of the defining movies of my generation is 20 Years Old! TWENTY! 2-0!

I could have sworn that was only ten years ago.

The first time I saw this movie was at one of my best friend’s house for a sleepover. It was 1993. We were in sixth grade. We thought Ham and Squints were comedic genius, we wanted to look like Wendy Peffercorn, and Benny the Jet was as close to a 13 year old boy that cute we were ever going to get.

When I was little, and my parents would start a story with, “Oh, well 20 or so years ago…” my mind immediately went to black and white and I assumed thing like my parents didn’t have electricity or running water, and rode around town in horses and carriages.

When I was a little kid, I swore there was no way I would ever live long enough to say, “20 years ago…” let alone remember it.

Twenty years is a long time.

Well, here I am. Not exactly from a time of horse and carriages, but definitely before smart phones.

Anyone under the age of sixteen probably thinks I’m ancient.

Twenty years ago, one of my favorite movies, The Sandlot, was released. We watched it on a VHS while drinking Wildwood Grape Soda and eating foods probably filled with trans fats. When this movie came out, oversized clothes were the height of fashion for 6th grade girls as were ESPRIT shoulder bags. We watched Saved by the Bell and wondered if Zach and Kelly would ever really end up together. Judy Blume’s Just as Long as We’re Together was the pre-teen friendship bible and Pearl Jam was where it was at.

I realize that a lot of time has passed. Enough time for me to go to high school, graduate college, get my first job, buy my first car, get married, have three children, and buy my first home. I know a lot has happened, but surely all that didn’t take 20 years did it?

Twenty years ago… it feels more like ten.

I really do still think 1993 was only ten years ago.

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