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A lot people in the U.S. owe an apology to Taiwan

A Sorry State is on the road! Well, technically, it is north/west on 94 in Milwaukee, where I have been working with a great team at Summerfest with an exciting Taiwanese government organization called TAITRA. This could be the only time that “exciting” and “government” are in the same sentence, but when you look at things... Read more »

An $800 million apology comes too late—even the second or third time around

“WE CAN AFFORD TO LOSE MONEY—EVEN A LOT OF MONEY. BUT WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE REPUTATION—EVEN A SHRED OF REPUTATION.” Would Warren Buffett, the man who issued this famous quote, be OK if he lost more than $800 million in one day? Maybe he can counsel Oscar Munoz and United Airlines. “Where have you... Read more »

Donald Trump, meet Lance Armstrong

A bust of Trump.  
How appropriate.
I had someone mention to me recently that A Sorry State has become an assault on Trump (at least I know SOMEONE besides me is reading it!).  Trust me–it’s not intentional.  But it’s like late night TV hosts say–when there is good content out there, it’s hard not to shy away from it! To that... Read more »

11.9 Is This Generation’s 9.11--Or Is It?

The neighborhood is remarkably quiet.  The train station—not a peep from anyone around.  No one is talking on the train.  Even Starbucks is quiet.  Just silence.  Eerie, eerie silence. Over the last 12 hours, our nation has taken a punch to the gut lie no other time in my history; well, I take that back. ... Read more »

Whether on or off record, Trump is inexcusable— and another Golden A.S.S. Award Winner

Donald Trump--Two (or Three)-Time Golden A.S.S. Award Repicipient
I am writing this blog post from St. Louis, the home of the latest Presidential debate.  No, your faithful writer did not come to The Great Arch to see Republicans and Democrats play against each other; I am watching my nine year-old son play some great hockey. Last night, the Washington Post’s David Fahrentold uncovered... Read more »

Which costs more, $20 million or an apology? A story(ed) problem of greed

Yesterday was the first day of school for Chicago Public Schools students (listen for the parents cheering), so let’s honor this occasion by writing and answering a multiple story problem.  Mr. Ailes did something bad, and now he has to pay someone for what he did.  What does this cost Mr. Fox? A–$20 million, not... Read more »

Mylan Needs Mylanta (and More) to Address EpiPen Problems

I don’t carry an EpiPen, anymore. I should carry one, as I am one of the millions of people with food allergies. But when I have to spend $300 or more for a medication, it better be a life-or-death situation for me to have it or else I don’t need it.  For others, the choice... Read more »

“Technopologies" Don't Work--Yet Companies Rely on Them More

Your attention please.  Milwaukee District, North Line.  Train Number 21..28.  Departure time of …9..33  AM….We are operating….10…minutes late….due to….waiting on other trains….due to….system failure….due to…waiting for equipment….we apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding…. Stop me if you are a Metra rider and you have heard the myriad technological excuses coming from automated MetraMan.... Read more »

Donald Trump--Non-Apology Master & Golden A.S.S. Award Winner

I had a dream a couple of weeks ago, where Donald Trump wrote his foreign policy by watching Wolf Blitzer and “The Situation Room” on CNN.  With each Wolf Blitzer Breaking News segment, Trump would craft his policy in response.  Silly thought?  Maybe.  Wolf could  be his guiding force, but no one else knows. I... Read more »

Who owes America an apology--Melania Trump or Hillary Clinton?

With a blog focused on apologies, why would I not share thoughts about Melania Trump’s lack of an apology for plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech. Sure, some low-level Trump campaign employee took the fall for it (I don’t buy the admission). Neither The Donald, his campaign manager nor his wife have the kahonas to step up... Read more »