I haven’t written a story here in awhile.  I think it’s because I started painting and that satisfied my need for a creative outlet.  Storytelling and painting are really very similar.  A painting has content.  A beginning, middle and end.  Exactly like writing a story.  The written word is an easier way to get the message across.  When you look at a image or visual representation, it requires some thought and an attempt at figuring out what the artist was trying to convey.  The written word is more direct and quicker.  Then there is the internet message, which is lightning quick.

In our modern times, it seems like no one has the time to interpret anything.  We are all addicted to the lightning quick delivery method.  “Tell me what you want to tell me and let’s move on”.  Google it and you have your answer.  Have we lost the art of the story?  Are we too busy to try to figure out the “hidden meaning” in a visual or in a poem?  I would say, in most days, yes.  Information comes at us so quickly today that spending time on any of it would sacrifice the quantity for the quality, and who has time for that?

Today is a good day to think about the quality.  Thanksgiving day is the day to really listen to grandma and grandpa’s stories at the Thanksgiving dinner table, how they speak, what their expressions are, the words they use.  The older generation has so much to teach us from their lifelong experiences.  We just need to listen and observe.  Ask open ended questions and listen.  “how did you feel when that happened”, “what did they think when it was over”….etc…etc.

One day we will be the old people and all we we’ll want is for someone to listen (or look at our paintings).  Quality over quantity is the message for today.  Watch, listen and learn.  It is right in front of us all (or it will be at dinner)  Drink it in before it is gone.   Let’s do that for them today.  It will do us all some good.

Happy Thanksgiving

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