Wanted: A Dream Job

Wanted: A Dream Job

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Topic: Write about a great challenge you faced…

I am constantly challenging myself. Some challenges are easier to meet than others. Like my current challenge to lose the thirteen pounds I gained this summer, that’s not going to well. Maybe it will happen in 2014.

The biggest challenge that I am currently facing  is finding a job. More importantly finding work that I actually like. I can hear my mom’s voice saying, “Just go to work. They pay you, you work.”  My practical side agrees with her, but the dreamer in me believes that there is a job out there that is meant for me. A dream job. A thing that I was born to do.

Question: In this unstable economy is it crazy to look for a dream job?

I’ve had ten “real” jobs, two businesses and a few side hustles in past 20 years. I’ve loved all of my businesses. I have only enjoyed three of the ten jobs… pass the honeymoon stage. Thirty three percent that’s not bad. Is it?

Ten jobs by the age of 41! Do ten jobs in the past 20 years seem like a lot? Ouch, is that normal? Let’s ask Google?

Google, how many jobs will the average person have before he retires?

BLS economist Chuck Pierret has been conducting a study to better assess U.S. workers’ job stability over time, interviewing 10,000 individuals, first surveyed in 1979, when group members were between 14 and 22 years old. So far, members of the group have held 10.8 jobs, on average, between ages 18 and 42, using the latest data available. 


Via Wall Street Journal

Phew! Like most Caribbean families my parents taught me strong work ethics. “This is America. In America you work.” My mom was a nurse’s aide she wanted to be a secretary.  My father  is an entrepreneur. He’s had more jobs than I can remember…see a pattern? He just wants to be an entrepreneur.

Do you remember the comedy show  In Living Color? One of the show’s most famous skits is about a West Indian family that has multiple jobs? You’ve got to see this…

That skit is based on my reality. I started working when I was 13. By the time I was a freshman in high school, I started a business planning children’s parties, I worked part time in a clothing store, and was a companion to an elderly woman. There was no stopping me. If there was money to be made, I was going to make it. That’s the immigrant way.

Although I appreciate the lessons, today, as I work to reinvent myself, I wonder if my path might have been different had I been instructed to focus on work that I enjoyed. To seek work that fulfills me, work that made a difference.


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