Parents On Social Media

Parents On Social Media

First thing that I want to address before we get started, is that I am so sorry that I haven’t been posting blog posts on a weekly posts like I told myself that I would. There may be some of you out there that really do enjoy reading my blog posts and I thank you guys for that love and support. Again, my sincere apologies that I haven’t been posting a lot and there are a few reasons as to why that is so. I have been extremely busy with school recently, trying to keep up with the amount of work that I have to do and trying to attend a bunch of meetings for the various clubs and activities that I’m involved in. Also, I am trying to find a summer job and going through that process takes up a lot of work. Anyways, enough information, let’s get on to today’s topic.

SnapchatRecently, my mom has been trying to keep up with all of the latest trends of social media apps and websites. She is mostly seen posting things on her Facebook page, but recently, she has become a little bit involved in other social media platforms. I remember the first time she decided to get an Instagram account, I was like, oh boy! What is she going to be posting on here? For the first few times that she began posting, she was really into it and I seemed to enjoy the pictures that she would post onto her account. Then, my mom began to not post on her account as much as she used to and I’m okay with that because it’s her account and she can do whatever she wants to with it. The amount of social media apps/websites that my mom uses has gone up to another level because recently, she decided to download Snapchat. The reason why my mom decided to so this was so she could check out those cute filters that people have been using to post unique posts on their stories or to other people in their contacts. Just today, she was asking me in what other ways does one use the app because she should know that Snapchat is used for more than just taking picture of yourself using the filters that they have to offer. I kind of gave her a brief tutorial over how to use the app in the proper way that I use it pretty much every day. I think that she’s not as interested as using Snapchat as much as she was when she first got the app.

mom_kid_online_finalThe main question that young people ask nowadays is “Why do my parents like to use social media? Is it just to embarrass me? Is it because they want to experiment with it? What are their reasons?” The reasons depends on the parent and their reasoning as to why they choose to be a part of the social media apps/websites that their kids are a part of. A reason that I did some investigation on is the fact that we all have parents that like to look over our shoulder to see what kinds of things we’re looking at when we are on the computer or on our cell phones. They just want to make sure that what we are looking at is up to their standards and rules. I can’t tell you how many times my mom would invade my privacy by trying to get a peek in terms of what I would be looking at on the computer, even when I got my own laptop when I first started college. My mom was one of those overprotective parents that wanted to make sure that I would be only looking at appropriate sites and wasn’t doing anything bad on the internet. She still kind of does that up to this day, but it’s not as often because I am a mature adult myself and I could look at whatever I want to look at (within reason, of course). A study from shows that 61% of parents tend to check which websites their teen tends to visit on a daily basis. There are also various percentages that show how parents are using parental controls and other resources to properly monitor what kinds of websites they are doing.

trouble-shooting-1337786295-article-0The main focus of trying to watch over what young kids are looking at on the Internet, not only to block them from dangerous sites, but it’s also to make sure their decisions don’t lead them to online predators. Cyberbullying has been mentioned for a long time and there are also those people that pretend to be someone they’re not just to get a young girl’s attention. This could lead to something that could change one’s life by either sexually harassing a young girl or by actually killing her. Even though it may sound a bit extreme at first, it has happened many times before and it continues to happen up to this day.

The point of the story is: yes, it may seem weird when young ones find out that their parents are on different platforms on social media, but it may benefit them in the long run. My mom know only uses Snapchat to look at my story and she does like to make her comments about what she sees on my story. As long as she doesn’t really do anything to embarrass me, I’m in the long run of continuing to do what I do on most social media platforms that I use on a daily basis. s

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