The Day After the Oscars

The Day After the Oscars

I like to consider the day after the big awards show as the day that the Internet goes crazy as many people post their various thoughts over what happened at the awards show. There are so many people that choose to share their thoughts about the Oscars through Twitter and Instagram because of the many moments that were amazing or shocking. I was watching the Oscars with my friends last night and we were pretty much discussing everything that was going on from the winners to the hosting job that Chris Rock did and other things that happened throughout the show.

rs_634x928-160112073251-634.We-All-Dream-In-Gold-Chris-Rock-Academy.jl.011216One thing that I have to comment on is the way that Chris Rock kept bringing up the issue that there were no black actors nominated for any awards this year. At the beginning of the show, Chris and a few of the nominees put on a skit at the beginning that shows how not that many black people get the major roles in films. This caused a particular hashtag to be trending on Twitter: #OscarsSoWhite This debate was also brought up amongst some celebrities who made an appearance during the award show. Kevin Hart comments on how society is really changing for the better, even though there are a few things that needs to be changed. My favorite part was when he said that he does have a positive attitude towards things, yet there are other times where he is known to have a serious side.

635925078355734186-XXX-ENTERTAINMENT-88TH-ACADEMY-AWARDS-20160228-USA-80083516Moving on to another major part of the show was when Lady Gaga performed her nominated song, “Till it Happens to You,” a song that about sexual assault. During her performance, many young people, both men and women, came onto stage; these young people are victims of sexual assault themselves. Celebrities like Kesha and Kerry Washington were blown away by the performance, based on the statuses that they posted on Twitter. The issue of sexual assault is another major one that was really brought up during the awards show and is something that should be continued to be discussed in order for the issue to actually become resolved.

lenardo-dicaprio-won-best-actor-in-88th-academy-awardsThere was one moment that occurred near the end of the show that really made the world go into shock and made people loose their minds. I’m talking about the moment where Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar; he won the award for best actor for his performance in “The Revenant.” At that moment, the people were starting to break out the hashtags, gifs, memes, statuses and all of their social media sites in order to share their feelings about the moment the world has been waiting for. According to CBS News, people were posting tweets about Leo’s win at a rate of 440,000 tweets a minute and there were so many people who were stocked about his first win. I was totally stocked about Leo’s victory when I was watching the Oscars with my friends as we were screaming and shouting and just overwhelmed with joy. I was posting my reaction on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat because I felt like I wanted the whole world to know how I was feeling when this accomplishment finally happened to one of my favorite actors.

No matter what event happens on television, there’s a good chance that people are talking about it on the platforms of social media that are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Some people may just hear about the major events that happened at the Oscars because they didn’t watch the actual awards show. Instead, they would just continually check their social media to see what people are talking about in terms of what’s going on during the show. I mean, I do that sometimes because I don’t have time to actually sit down and watch the show or it’s just nothing that I’m really interested in. This year, I knew that the Oscars would be a big because of all the hype that was being discussed about it so I figured that I would turn in to see what was going on during the show. I have to say that it was an unforgettable awards show because there were a lot of surprises and a lot of memorable moments that happened at the Oscars. I’m already excited to see what next year’s award show will bring about for all of us and I do hope that Leonardo wins another Oscar in the next few years.

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