Cyberbully VS. Cyberbully

Cyberbully VS. Cyberbully

Cyberbullies are a major issue that are around the Internet as they are people that harass people online and harm them in a metaphysical sense. There are two movies out there that I am aware of that go by the same title and that address the issue of cyberbullying in their own unique way. Today, I shall be going over both of these movies and discuss the characters, the plot and the way the movie is shown for the audience.


Cyberbully ABC Family

The first movie, Cyberbully, originally aired on ABC Family back in July 2011 and it stars the Hannah Montana co-star, Emily Osment. The film shows a girl named Taylor Hilridge who receives her own laptop as a gift for her birthday and she decides that she wants to join the online community of being on a Facebook-like website. Things start to go well until her younger brother hacks into her account and posts a defamatory post. People online start to call her a slut and a whore and the name calling continues, even when she’s actually in school. Taylor notices a guy that she friends with on the site, but the guy posts a random status saying that Taylor has slept with him when that isn’t the case. It gets so bad to the point where her friends begin to leave her and the rumors begin to grow more.

Taylor tries to commit suicide, but is stopped by her family and her friend. Taylor begins to attend a support group to get help on how to stop the cyberbullies from getting worse than what they already have become. She finds out that the guy that she has friended on the site was a fake and it was run by her friend. Her friend begins to experience cyberbullying herself when it is revealed that she was posing as a guy.Together, with a few more friends, they stand up to the cyberbullies and they realize that what they have done will allow people to go online now without feeling bullied. At the same time, Taylor’s mom works hard to get a law passed that prohibits cyberbullying from happening and it begins to become a law. This shows that once people come together to stand up for cyberbullying, they can make a difference and have changes happen to them. Overall, I’d give this movie an 8/10 because the way they presented the topic of cyberbullying with the story and the characters, it actually made me cry at one point.

Cyber Bully

The second movie, Cyberbully, originally aired on Channel 4 in the UK in January 2015 and it stars Games of Thrones actress, Maisie Williams. The movie tells the story of Casey Jacobs, a girl who decides to hack her ex-boyfriend’s Twitter account after he posted a tweet, saying that he knows about her taking antidepressants. She begins talking to a friend that she knows well, but a few things are said that reveals that the person she is talking to online isn’t her friend, but is a hacker.

The hacker threatens to post pictures of herself naked online if Casey doesn’t do exactly what the hacker tells her to do. Throughout this time, she finds out that she has hurt several people herself without realizing the outcomes of her actions as the hacker shows her through video evidence and various comments on different posts. The hacker tries to get her to end her life because the hacker must know what she’s really feeling as she realizes the mistakes that she has made. However, in the end, Casey realizes that when she stops talking to the hacker, it doesn’t become important to anyone that she knows in the real world and that all drama will just remain online. This is true for most situations that happen in the online community and people need to keep that in mind if they experience a hacker that’s trying to mess this them. I would give this movie a 7/10 because the plot started out as being a bit confusing, but I was able to catch on with what was going on and the way the movie portrayed this issue was very different compared to the ABC Family version.

stock-photo-computer-keyboard-with-word-stop-bullying-147405071Between the two movies, the conclusion that I have to make is that it shows how two different film companies in two different countries show the topic of cyberbullying to an audience of movie watchers. Even though the movies are focused on the teenagers, people may not know the effect that cyberbullying can have an effect on other people. It’s a universal issue that is talked about by a lot of people and they do whatever they can to make sure that it is solved right away. That may take a while to actually happen, but that doesn’t make it impossible to accomplish; there have been numerous laws that help stop cyberbullying from getting worse and from it happening to other young people. It takes a community of people to make something happen and it makes it feel like a community is taking a step forward to get things done the right way.


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