The New Way of Dating: Apps On Your Phone?

MobileDatingApps2-664x374We all know how online dating has become more of a common things for people to do because of the various dating websites that exist out there. Depending on the person that uses the website, it’s either a win or a loose situation; it’s either the person is lucky and finds a person to be in a good relationship with or the person doesn’t find anyone at all. My personal experiences with online dating aren’t really from using dating websites, but rather, using dating apps.

Most people nowadays have a smartphone where they are able to have a variety of apps to play games, use the Internet, watch videos, or anything else that one may want to do. There are also a variety of dating apps out there for any single person to use; it’s pretty much a form of a dating website on the go. There are many apps: from Tinder and Grindr to OkCupid and Zoosk, the number of dating apps that already exist and are in development are at huge heights.

I have used one or two dating apps in the past as I am a young college who is on the road for finding the one who is meant for me. I first started using Tinder last year and I learned that not everyone on the app is who they appear to be. Tinder is an app in which a person can create theirown profile and then look at other profiles. When a new profile is shown, the person can either swipe left to reject them or swipe right if they like that person. If you swipe the person to the right and that same person swipes right when they are shown your profile, it means that you have found a match and you can start messaging the person on the app.

tinder2a-576x1024When I first got Tinder, I found myself swiping right for a lot of guys that appeared on my profile and I found out that they were swiping right for me as well. There was one guy that I shared connections with on the app; for safety purposes, we’re going to call him Bob. Bob was a guy that I started talking to with the app and after a couple of days, we decided to meet with each other in real life for the first time. I decided that we would meet up after my class and we would chill in my room and watch a movie. Little did I know of what was coming my way…

As we got comfortable and started to get to know each other better, we started kissing and that kiss lead into something that I would rather not mention. Let’s just say that I didn’t approve of this guy’s behavior so I decided to kick him out of my dorm room and made him leave. I realized then that it was a stupid mistake and I decided to delete the app from my phone.

us-iphone-4-okcupid-datingThere is another dating app that I started using a little bit after that incident happened and after a friend of mine told me that he was able to find himself a date. The app goes by the name of OkCupid and it works a little bit differently than Tinder does. With OkCupid, you answer questions about yourself and then to find matches, it’s more like you would most likely talk to people who almost answered the same answer to that particular question.

There was a guy that I had an eye for when I was using the app; in this situation, we’re going to call him Steve. Steve was a man who went to a different school that wasn’t far from where my school was located. We did meet up with each other in real life and we ended up going on a few dates. We would talk about many things that we had in common and it seemed like a good friendship was going underway; I thought that we were gong to be in a relationship in no time.

This is where I learned another important lesson about that so-called friendship is to not always expect everything to work out the way you want it to work out. He told me that hewasn’t really ready to be committed into a relationship just yet, so I stepped out of the car, went back to my dorm and I never heard from him. I guess you can say that our differences in what we each wanted was the reason why we stopped talking to each other.

The usage of dating apps does have his advantages and disadvantages. I’m sure that most of us had used a dating website/app at one point or another throughout our life. If you haven’t, the choice is all up to you on whether or not that’s your calling or not.

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