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Planning a road trip during Covid summer #2

Planning a road trip during Covid summer #2
I am So. Excited. For. SUMMER! I’ve been neglecting laundry and my email this week, in exchange for road trip planning. Below is what I’ve come up with, and my thought process along the way. Our inspiration was Niagara Falls. (If you’re ever in the mood to sit a room of your family’s own farts,... Read more »

12 ideas for your summer bucket list

12 IDEAS FOR YOUR SUMMER BUCKET LIST: one for each week of this glorious season!
My husband's reaction to this post title: "Summer bucket list? You make it sound like summer is going to die." My reaction: "Have you forgotten January, February, and March?! Summer will die...eventually." Before you know it, you'll be sipping that pumpkin spice latte and weeping that wondering how it's Labor Day already. Take five minutes this Memorial Day weekend, and make your summer bucket list. Our family came up with 12 simple ideas. Check them out in the gallery below! What would you add to this list?...