Help your toddler to talk in four easy steps

My good friend, Nikki, is here today with four easy steps to help your toddler talk. Take it away, Nikki!

Thanks, Social Butterfly Mom, for asking me to be a guest blogger for your “unCOMMON SENSE Parenting” series!  Currently, I am a stay at home mom, but in a previous life, I was a Speech-Language Pathologist in an elementary school and middle school.

There are many ways I use my previous occupation to influence how I speak with my two year old, but you don’t have to be a speech-language pathologist to further your child’s speech and language development. A lot of it is common sense, really.

First of all, I want to stress that every child develops at a different rate. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people ask if it’s ok that their toddler can’t say a certain sound. In most cases, yes, it is perfectly normal!

There is a wide range of what is considered typical in regards to when a child can use different speech sounds. says that parents should understand at least 50% of what a toddler is saying by their second birthday.  By age 3, parents should understand most (90%) of what a child is saying.  By age 4, strangers should understand most (90%) of what a child says.

Kids depend on their caregivers to model appropriate speech and language usage. Our children learn the foundation for language by listening and using what they hear as a model for future speech and language production. Since we are the ultimate reference for our children, there are four common sense ideas you can implement today!