My husband's letters to our kids, post-long journey

My husband's letters to our kids, post-long journey

It’s been a little over a month since we returned from our long journey. I expected to have a moment of doubt, as in, “Whyyyyy did I plan a 19 day road trip with three children?”

Although there were highs and lows, that thought did not cross my mind. We greeted every state line/city limit with my husband screeching in his rock star voice, “What’s up, St. Louis? Are you ready to ROCK?!” And rocked this trip, we did.

Here are the letters my husband wrote to the kids and me when we returned home from our epic adventure.

“Three year old- how was your first trip ever??? I will remember you dancing at cousin wedding, riding the carousel, holding a bunny, dancing to ‘meow, meow, meow,’ seeing a (head)lamp move through the dark, making a pterodactyl with you, getting a score of one on the punching bag, asking how big Batman was, eating a full slice of (NYC) pizza at 10PM, handstands in the sand, and sleeping on the couch.”

“Six and a half year old- I have so many good memories of you on this trip. I will remember the Billy goat jumping on your back and the slug hideout at the farm. I will remember s’mores all over your face. I will remember your Olympic performance at the claw game, getting excited about every splash pad like it’s the first one you’ve ever seen in your life, your crab castle, and swimming around on your boogie board. I hope you had a blast.”

“Ten year old- wow, what a special trip. I will always remember closing down Cedar Point (and wanting the swings to come down!), throwing the tennis ball against the barn, playing catch by the fire, ‘Darn it all to heck’ in (Jenga) blocks, Dave and Busters, 10:30PM milkshakes, crashing waves for four and a half hours, and being ninja spies at Andrew and Danny’s. Also, you were a really great help in the car keeping the food organized!”

“Mommy- Wow. Great job planning a great trip with great times. We appreciate how you push us to get out of our comfort zone and try new things. Thank you for planny-pantsing the trip, and I think you did a great job (especially for you!) of leaving some buffers to be flexible and change the plan mid trip. I’ll always remember dancing at the wedding, sleeping one hour, eating pizza by the pool, Johnny Appleseed song, corn maze, brewery and wine day, Time’s Square, small NYC bathroom (wink, wink), seal feeding (he meant penguins :), roof variances, mimosas, and ice cream. We wanted to play big, and we played big.”

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