Top 10 memories from my 10 year old trip

Top 10 memories from my 10 year old trip

Every year since I was born, my parents have saved $100. Once I turned nine, they had saved up $1,000. Just me and my parents went to Milwaukee, and I had to plan the whole trip and budget. I chose to stay at the Drury Plaza Hotel Milwaukee Downtown.


#10: Seeing many cute dogs and even a pet pig. It was fun walking along the streets and petting dogs.

#9: The hotel had free breakfast with many yummy options. Some of the options were pancakes, sausage patties, orange juice, cereal, etc.

#8: Having the privilege to stay up late (11:00PM)! Normally, I go to bed at 8:30, but on this trip, I got to stay up and watch the Bucks and swim in the hotel pool.

#7: Drinking a Sprechers cherry pop while walking along Lake Michigan. Taking a walking hike isn’t fun for a 10 year old, but drinking a pop while doing it is!

#6: A surprise bag of Skittles and Chex Mix and a card saying “Happy Birthday” from one of the employees at the front desk. On Saturday morning, when we got back from breakfast, there was a bag sitting on a desk. When I saw it, I felt happy and that the people there were really nice.

#5: Stopping at Starbucks and Mars Cheese Castle. On the way to Milwaukee, we stopped at Starbucks and got a frappuccino. At Mars Cheese Castle, we stopped to get some cheese curds and the Sprechers cherry pop.

#4: Adventure Island at Bear Paw Beach. We were driving home, and I was really sad, because the trip was over. But then, we stopped at Adventure Island, and my mood changed while we played laser tag and jumped on an inflatable water jungle gym.

#3: Making friends at a brewery called Hofbrauhaus. While walking to the Bucks stadium, we passed a place that my parents had gone to before. They wanted to stop there, so we went inside and found some adults playing Nagelspiel. The game is played where you have a nail and a hammer, and you have to hit the nail into a tree stump.

#2: Urban Air Adventure Park. Just to start off, this place is insane! It has trampolines, go karts, flipping bumper cars, an American Ninja Warrior area, and ziplines hanging from the ceiling. My favorite part was the American Ninja Warrior section. It was probably harder than I thought, despite the fact that I’m good at climbing.

#1: The Milwaukee Bucks playing in the finals. I enjoyed watching the Bucks, because I love sports, and basketball is my second favorite sport. On Saturday, we walked around Milwaukee, trying to find a place to watch the game, and ended up watching it at the hotel. I felt SO lucky that there was a basketball game for my birthday. That will probably never happen again, so I lucked out!

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