12 days of Covid

12 days of Covid

On the twelfth day of Covid, my true love gave to me, twelve teachers teaching… Dear Lord, our teachers are AMAZING. I am blown away by their commitment to educate our children in the strangest of circumstances.

Eleven days sans piping… You know what complicates life at a time when you’re asked to stay in your home? Not being able to poop in your home. Good times.

Ten lawyers leaping… but to no avail. Democracy FTW!

Nine ladies dancing… into the White House! Woot woot!

Eight bars of Milka… Me, every time I went to the store: This pandemic is hard on me the kids. I should probably bring a new treat home every time, so I they have something to look forward to. 

Seven-months-no-swimming… First world problems alert: The swimming pools being closed this summer was very sad. My middle kid whimpered every time we drove by and saw the barren bottom of the pool. 🙁

Six guys a lying… ay, ay, ay, the misinformation this year was astounding.

FIVE TWITTER ZINGS Read some good ones here. For now, here’s one: “Breaking News: Man with bad credit and multiple baby mamas about to be ejected from public housing.” — @Freeyourmindkid

Four nesting birds… We truly did stop, smell the roses, and watch the birds. Our boys witnessed baby robin hatchlings, a mama woodpecker carving out her home, and the life cycle of butterflies.

Three French breads… I used to be good about not eating too much pasta or too many carbs. Then 2020 happened.

Two latex gloves… Remember, in the spring, when it was weird to see gloves and masks?

And a Costco amount of TP… There are those who hoarded…and those who lied about hoarding.


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