Planning my 10 year old trip

Planning my 10 year old trip

Mom: What is this blog post about?

Logan: This blog post is about me going on a trip with my parents.

Mom: What’s the reason for this trip?

Logan: I’m going on this trip, because I’m going to turn 10 next year, and my parents want to go on a trip with just me.


Mom: Where are you going?

Logan: We are going to downtown Milwaukee.

Mom: How did you choose Milwaukee?

Logan: Me and my mom looked at top 10 hotels, and we saw a good one in Milwaukee.

Mom: But why did you choose Milwaukee?

Logan: Because we don’t really go there a lot, and Milwaukee is close to Illinois.

Mom: Where else did you consider going?

Logan: Madison, Chicago, or California.

Mom: Why didn’t you choose California?

Logan: Because flying would be too expensive.


Mom: Tell me about the hotel.

Logan: The hotel’s name is Drury Plaza, and it has a pool, a bar, free breakfast, and free food and drinks from 5:30-7.

Mom: Did you look into AirBnb or VRBO?

Logan: No, because that might cost a lot of money.

Mom: Even if you can make your own meals? What makes you want to stay in the hotel so much?

Logan: Yes. And I want to go to a hotel, because a hotel has a pool. I also like hotels because they are close to restaurants.


Mom: That’s a good segue into food. What’s your plan for budgeting for food?

Logan: If we go to restaurants, $50 for every meal.

Mom: How many meals do you plan on eating out?

Logan: Four. So, $200 for lunch and dinner, because breakfast is free.


Mom: What do you want to do while you’re in Milwaukee?

Logan: Go in the pool at the hotel, watch movies, and go to beaches.

Mom: There are a lot of beaches. How do you know which one to pick?

Logan: Me and my mom researched beaches. My first pick would be McKinley Beach.

Mom: Why that one?

Logan: Because McKinley Beach is not too crowded, and there’s a park there.


Mom: What’s your budget for this trip?

Logan: $1000. I think that’s good for a budget.

Mom: Was there anything that you wanted to do that cost too much money?

Logan: Hot air balloons. But they costed $150 per person.

Mom: Would you consider doing just one night in a hotel to ride in a hot air balloon?

Logan: Uh, no, because the hotel is very fun, and we might do hot air balloons later in life.

Mom: What are you most excited about?

Logan: The pool, getting to watch movies, yummy food, and being just with my parents.

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