My COVID Coping Plan

My COVID Coping Plan

“Coping” sounds a little dramatic to me, because I have it better than most. I’m used to my kids being at home, and my husband will now join us- AND keep earning a salary. We live in a house with a yard, so we can escape each other. No one is on any medications or has allergies. We’re not in the stage in our lives where we’ll be missing out on high school or college memories, weddings, or big travel. I feel very grateful.

But, I’m me, so I also feel much more sane and safe with a PLAN. God bless the moms and teachers out there who are creating and sharing content for our kids. We will all adapt and overcome with this e-learning in place. There are so many good ideas out there, so this post will contain a structure for implementation, plus a few creative ways to connect with people without physically being around them.

Weekday Schedule (explanations at bottom; outside time based on hourly weather)

5-7am Mommy time: meditate, gratitude journal, email, WORKOUT

7-8am Morning routine, breakfast, PRAYER BOX and FACETIME CALL(?)

8-9am Morning CHORE, play (OUTSIDE?)

9-11am E-learning for eight year old, MINI-PRESCHOOL for the five and two year old

11am-12pm Lunch, FACETIME CALL(?), play (outside?)

12-1pm Read, nap for two year old, board games/puzzles for eight and five year old

1-2pm ALONE time

2-3pm Afternoon CHORE

3-4:30pm MOVIE, Mommy break/dinner prep

4:30-5:30pm Play (outside?)

5:30-6:30pm Dinner, clean-up

6:30-7:30/8pm Bedtime routine: bath, read, bed

8-10pm Mommy/Daddy time

WORKOUT: My preference will be to run outside or do the Nike training app workouts.

PRAYER BOX: Each morning, we’ll pray for someone, write his/her name, and put it in the prayer box.

FACETIME: Daily, we’ll choose a new friend/family member to call. The oldest will offer 5 minute piano “concerts.” (He’s so excited… 😉

CHORE: Clean bathrooms, wipe kitchen counters, vacuum floors, and prep meals.

OUTSIDE: We’ll play, go on nature scavenger hunts, create obstacle courses, do chalk, bubbles, messy crafts, etc

MINI-PRESCHOOL: If weather permits, we’ll start gross motor play outside. Then, we’ll come in for the letter of the day, plus a corresponding story and song. Our fine motor work will be to create a picture that fits our theme. We’ll mail this to a friend or family member. Other activities may include baking, painting, Play-Doh, and age-appropriate projects. Hopefully, this fills two hours…

ALONE: My oldest will complete schoolwork, play Legos, and read in his room. My middle will get the whole playroom to himself. My options include going for a walk, mindlessly scrolling through social media, calling a friend, taking a nap, and/or all of the above.

MOVIE: I checked out 20+ DVDs from the library. We have Netflix, but I’m a control freak and want to monitor what my kids are watching.

This is my PLAN. I’m also planning on it not going right, and on losing my shit once (okay, several) times. You know what I’m looking forward to? In one year, when my Facebook reminds me, “On this day one year ago,” and we all say, “Whoa. Remember that?” 

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