Coronavirus won't ruin my birthday

Coronavirus won't ruin my birthday

If you have a birthday coming up, I hope that you can still find ways to make it fun. Here are 12 ways that I’m celebrating this year:

Scrolling through my phone. Thank Google for social media. Even without Coronavirus, I think we usually appreciate the “Happy Birthday” texts and posts, but especially now. We’ve also gotten friendly with FaceTime and Marco Polo.

Going for a run AND showering. I ran outside this morning for the first time in four months. And then I showered! And shaved! And put on makeup!

Eating breakfast in bed. My oldest made this request at his eight birthday, and it’s become a family tradition. I improved on this tradition this morning by asking for cupcakes. #dessertforbreakfast

Doing zero dishes. Another tradition we have is no chores for the birthday boy. In my case, I couldn’t see skipping all chores as the mom, so I’m going to avoid my least favorite one. 😉

Taking family walks. This is something I love to do, and everyone else…does not. But guess what we’ve been doing every day for a week? Walking twice a day, that’s what!

Drinking rose all day. Okay, I have to be honest: it’s actually Prosecco.

Napping on the couch. I tend to reserve nap time for Sunday afternoons, but birthdays are an exception. And actually, I lied again: I’m writing this post instead of napping.

Having MY turn with Alexa. “Baby Shark?” Nope. “Dance Monkey?” Nah-uh. The sweetest words I’ve ever heard out of my child’s mouth: “Alexa- shuffle songs by Shakira.” 

Learning “Thriller” with my boys. Last night, my five year old asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I love experiences, and so we’re going to set aside time every few days to learn the dance. Under normal circumstances, we’d probably never do something like this. #coronabucketlist

Dining in my at-home restaurant. On Sunday, the eight year old and I planned out our dinner menu, with two choices in the drink, appetizer, entree, and dessert category. He’s going to take the order like an actual restaurant. And I’m going to do zero dishes (remember?).

Watching “The Greatest Showman.” Friday is our movie night, but (no surprise) it’s usually kids’ choice. Not tonight. Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron, please!

Enjoying Saturday homemade brunch. Going out for brunch is one thing that I’ll miss, but we’ve gotten pretty good at making this meal at home. Bacon wrapped dates and chicken and waffles, anyone?

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