The story of getting nine stitches

The story of getting nine stitches

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of taking three boys to the ER when my oldest hurt himself on the ice. When we got home, he said, “Mom- you should write about this on your blog.” My reply: “No, buddy. YOU should.” 🙂 Here goes!

After school, at about 3:12 P.M., I was getting out of school. In the back of my school, there are the 5th grade doors, and then the playground. There is a “pond” that gets frozen in the winter. (The “pond” is not like a regular pond. It’s kind of the size of a huge puddle.)

I was with my friend who had just moved to a new house, and was now walking with me. I was with one of my other friend’s older brother, too. My friend and I were sliding on the ice. I was kind of slide tackling, like a soccer player. My left knee was on the ground, and my right knee was facing up. When I looked at my left knee, there was a huge gash. It looked like a sad face. The blood was gushing out of my knee and onto my pants.

My knee felt like it was burning. It hurt A LOT. On a scale of 1-10, it hurt an 8 out of 10. My first thought was that I was going to get stitches. I was on my way back to where my mom picks me up, and my friend’s mom saw me. She looked at the cut, called my mom immediately, and took me back to her house.

I was really scared how bad the gash would get, because I thought I would lose a lot of blood. I did NOT want to get stitches. I thought I’d feel the pain, and it would feel like a bunch of shots. And shots do NOT feel good.

My friend’s mom put paper towels over my leg. My mom got to my friend’s house very fast. She did not look too worried when she came in, but when she saw the cut, her face was terrified.

My friend’s mom told us to go to Advocate Lutheran General Children’s Hospital. We went to the ER. I had to go in a wheelchair and get pushed into the hospital.

I went in a room where a nurse put numbing medicine on my knee. I asked her if I would feel the stitches, and if people have walked out saying that the stitches hurt. She said that people have not complained that the stitches hurt. I was pretty relieved to hear that.

Then, I went into another room. I sat on a bed, and my brothers sat on two chairs with a table in front of them. (I have two brothers.) The nurses got me an iPad that was on a pole that could bend and move around, because there were wheels on the bottom.

Then, the doctor came in to give me my stitches. There were nurses with him, too. The doctor was nice. He was very careful with my wound. The nurses brought another iPad. While I was playing on it, the doctor did my stitches. My brothers got the other iPad that I had before.

When the doctor was done, there were nine stitches. It still looked like a sad face, but not really wide. The nurse was right, because I didn’t feel the stitches many times.

After that, they took the iPad, and gave me a Gatorade and a LEGO car set. They gave my brothers two little ambulance trucks. The nurses and doctors there were very nice. The hospital was awesome!

I have to wear a brace called an immobilizer 24/7 so my leg doesn’t bend. If I bend my leg, my stitches might fall out. For the next two weeks, I cannot run or play sports. I’m sad that I can’t do those things. What I’m going to miss the most is playing soccer.

My stitches don’t hurt too bad, but it still hurts. I hope my wound will heal soon. If kids play on ice, I will tell them what happened to me, and maybe they won’t do it.

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