10 New Years resolutions for the "Hamilton" fan

10 New Years resolutions for the "Hamilton" fan

Have you guys heard of this musical, “Hamilton?”

I’m a few years late to the party, but this show is so amazing that my two year old often requests “Ham-oh-ten.”

Here are 10 New Years resolutions for the “Hamilton” fan: 

  1. Talk less. *Smile more. (*listen)

2) Do not throw away your shot. Make your resolutions measurable. “I’m going to work out more!” NOPE. “I’m going to do three days of cardio and three days of strength.” Now we’re talking. Then, rise up and do just that.

3) Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now. Practice gratitude. My best resolution from last year was to write in a gratitude journal every day. I did it! It took me 30 seconds, daily.

4) Stay alive. Put all knives away so two year old doesn’t try and sous chef it on his own. What…just me?

5) That would be enough. Accept the days that aren’t perfect, or great, or good; they’re just enough. Some days, my husband won’t see the family. He’s the only one working outside the home. I have to understand that on some days, that’s enough. This one is TOUGH for me.

6) Take a break. Don’t say those words that could cut. Just walk away for a minute and come back.

7) Say no to this…cookie, chocolate, third glass of wine.

8) Hold your child as tight as you can. Hug more often. Love like you’re running out of time.

9) Forgiveness. Can you imagine? Sometimes this is on a small scale, and sometimes on a large scale. Maybe you don’t have to forgive that person, but what would it look like and feel like if you did?

10) Best of wives and best of women. Always strivin’ to be Eliza.

So what did I miss? Any other good words of wisdom from Mr. Lin-Manuel Miranda?

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