5 things I want the world to know about US, post-Trump election

5 things I want the world to know about US, post-Trump election

There are five things I want the world to know about US, post-Trump election:

  1. We all make mistakes.

2) We didn’t take it seriously, and we’re sorry. I never thought this would happen. On Tuesday, I voted, and I thought that was enough. Clearly, it was not. My inaction prior to the election was just as good as silence, and silence in the face of someone like this is dangerous.

3) Those of us traveling to your country probably did not vote for Trump. We are interested in your culture, in your way of life, what it’s like outside our bubble. (I can hear some Trump supporters saying that only liberal elites can afford to travel internationally anyway, but that’s not true.) Please be kind and keep us safe when we’re on your soil.

4) Our democracy is great. Our system works, and the transition of power is peaceful. Literally: ANYONE CAN BE ELECTED.

5) We admire those of you who have female leaders. We, too, will be there some day. Sadly, Tuesday was not that day.

My one ask is this:

Please be patient with us. Don’t give up hope. We are a country where groups of people are so very out of touch with one another. Have you ever been in a relationship like that? It’s complicated, sad, and frustrating.

I’ve seen this quote over and over. When you look and see our next president, please remember that an upstanding man such as Martin Luther King Jr. also was a product of our great nation.

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” 

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