The Star Wars scavenger hunt for the ultimate youngling fan

A Star Wars birthday party sounds easy enough. Pinterest abounds with ideas on how to decorate and make cute signs for food such as HAN Burgers and HOTH Dogs.

As a friend of mine pointed out, though, the kids don’t care about that stuff. They want to munch on pizza, scarf down cake, but mostly play with their friends.

Pizza? Check. Death Star cake? Check. Playing with pool noddle light sabers for a full 90 minutes…? That’s just asking for trouble.

When researching, I found a few activities, but I wanted a full fledged scavenger hunt that touched all seven episodes. I couldn’t find one. So what’s teacher mom to do? Create it herself.

Click on the gallery to view the scavenger hunt, Jedi tunics, light sabers, Death Star cake, goody bags, and more!

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