I thought Star Wars was stupid until I became a mom

I thought Star Wars was stupid until I became a mom

It’s pretty well documented that I hate science. This includes science fiction and Star Wars. It just all seems too fake to me.

Who are ALL these stupid characters?

Why the stupid names?

Why all the stupid species? (I didn’t even know what a wookie was, but I was sure that I didn’t like the obnoxious sounding furry character.)

Then, my cabaret group, The Chicago Red Line, decided to perform a Star Wars spoof for our fall show. Can you guess my reaction? This show is going to be…


I’m the smallest in the group, and therefore was cast as Yoda. The ugly, old green one? Awesome.

When my husband told me that I had to watch not just one, but TWO, movies before Yoda appeared, I was legitimately pissed. Great. I’ll never get back these four hours of my life.

I wasn’t about to cut into my adult time doing character research on stupid Star Wars, so after seeing that it was rated PG, I agreed to watch it with our four year old.

EPISODE IV: I begrudgingly join my husband and son on the couch. Movie starts with the iconic Star Wars scroll. “Read me the words, Daddy! What does it say?” To my dismay surprise, little man is instantly hooked. I admit that the movie is better than a sharp stick to the eye.

EPISODE V: We invite kids from our church over for pizza and a movie. It’s mostly boys, so I choose Star Wars. From age 4 to 12, they are all enthralled (the lone girl, too). I see that Yoda is, in fact. old, wrinkly, and sort of…could it be…cute?

I call the library to ask if Episode VI is available. What is happening to me?!

EPISODE VI: I let my four year old skip his nap/quiet time, and we watch the entire movie in one sitting. He keeps gushing about how cute the Ewoks are.

Over the next few weeks, I find myself not only NOT avoiding Star Wars stuff, but actively seeking it out. Our library is having a Star Wars Day. We accept an invitation to an Episode VII movie premiere. And I secure costumes for both events. Who am I?!

I’m someone who genuinely loves sharing the Star Wars experience with my child (and husband). The story is so simple and yet timeless. The characters are intriguing, be it sassy droids or bad ass villains. The questions asked by my son before/during/after lead to some good discussions: “Why is Darth Vader a villain? Why does he choose the Dark Side? Why do people like power?” I don’t feel as if I’m losing brain cells when I watch these films. Dare I say…I’m gaining some?

Watching a movie is a fun indulgence. Watching one that you AND your kids enjoy is a rarity. My fellow parents who watch Star Wars are reliving childhood memories. While I’m not, I’m creating new family memories. It’s as if I get to be a kid again, in 2.5 hour spurts.

For thirty years have I avoided the party. Arrived, I have.

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