You're rude if you don't write thank-you notes

You're rude if you don't write thank-you notes
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You’re rude if you don’t write thank-you notes. Nothing like an accusation to get you in the Christmas spirit, eh? But I’m sorry not sorry: it’s rude to NOT write thank-you notes.

Are you a huge A-hole if you don’t? No. Of course not.

But is it polite to NOT say “thank you?” Is it really that hard? Again: no. Of course not.

When asked to describe how he felt about writing wedding thank-you’s, hubby responded, “It’s kind of tough. That would be a tie between ‘slow, awful, and time consuming.'”

So, just know that you’re not alone if you hate writing them. But as an adult, it’s the polite, adult-thing to do.

What does that mean for kids? Is it really necessary for kids to write thank-you notes? Should kids write them whether they like it or not?

Let me ask you: when was the last time you forced your kid to do something she didn’t like? Oh, five minutes ago? Then you’re doing your job as a parent. Keep up the good work and have them write thank-you notes.

Emily Post gives helpful tips for writing the dreaded notes with children, starting at age three.

My opinion? Start at your child’s first birthday:

One-year-old: “Decorate” the card and/or envelope with stickers.

Two-year-old: More stickers, perhaps some scribbling. Ask your child a question and write the question and answer in the card so that Aunt Edna can see you’ve discussed and appreciated her gift.

Three-year-old: Ask three questions about it and record those questions and answers. Obviously, if you have a Monet on your hands, decorate away!

Four-year-old: “What’s your favorite part about the gift? Can you draw a picture of you with your new gift?”

Five-year-old: All of the above + signing name.

Did I mention stamping the return address, sticking on the postage stamp, and physically putting the letter in the big blue USPS bin? Sending snail mail is exposing your kids to living history. You think our kids’ grandkids, maybe even kids’ kids, will get to send letters? Probably not.

If you haven’t been an avid thank-you note writer, it’s never too late! Start your New Year’s resolution a week early, and get writing! You can’t mess up a three sentence thank-you note…unless you print a generic thank-you and send the same message to everyone. That’s just unacceptable.

And yes: my son will be writing a thank-you note to Santa. It takes one minute. You can “thank” me later. 🙂

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