Be responsible: Drive 86 in a 65

Be responsible: Drive 86 in a 65
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This weekend, we were responsible parents. We got a speeding ticket for driving 86 mph in a 65.

Responsible parents?!

Why yes. Not because of our shameful speed, or the fact that our child was in the car while doing so. Responsible in the fact of how we handled it:

“Go, Daddy, go!”

“We can’t go, buddy. We have to stop because I think I was driving too fast,” admits my husband.

“The police officer is going to talk to us, so please be quiet when he comes to my window,” I say .

“Do you know why I pulled you over today? …. 86 miles per hour in a 65 zone…(looks in backseat and spots lil’ man. Cue feeling like worst parents ever.)… license and registration, please?”

“Now we can go, Daddy?”

“We have to wait. The police officer is writing us a ticket,” Daddy sighs.

“We’re getting a ticket because we were driving too fast. You can’t drive too fast. It’s not safe,” I say.

“We drivin’ tooooo fasssss.”


Because, it really is that simple. It doesn’t matter that we were running late, or that we were Roar-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-or-ing to Katy Perry, or that my husband was worried about his marathon the next day. We were going too fast. Dangerously so. We own up to it, pay the ticket, and lower our speed.

This may seem obvious. But as a teacher, and now a parent, I see far too many people not accepting responsibility in front of their kids and/or for their kids. It’s okay to make mistakes. We all make bad choices once in a while. In fact, if you are a perfect person, I urge you to mess up around your kids so that they can see how to handle it…provided that you take responsibility for your actions.

Accepting responsibility is a learned behavior. As parents, let’s practice what we preach.

Thanks to Shannan at Tween Us for the post inspiration!

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