Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke: It's my son's fault

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke: It's my son's fault
Who knows? This cute striped shirt could one day be a gaudy striped suit!

If you’re a parent, no doubt you’ve seen this great article written by Eric Clapp. He puts owning the Miley “performance” on males, too.

A few days ago, the words “Shake your booty” dropped out of my son’s mouth. It was innocent…enough.

Against my better judgement, we’ve listened to the Disco station on Pandora. That song comes on, we shake our booties, and it’s no big deal.

“Booty” is now my toddler’s word for “butt.” Choosing which vocab to use for the nether parts is a whole ‘nother blog post, so I digress.

Back to my booty story: we were at my brother’s restaurant, and one of his female friends was serving us. My son may or may not have a little crush on her. As she was walking away, he said, “Taylor, shake your booty!” My parents, brother and I erupted in laughter. It was hilarious!

And then, it was like, “Oh. Shit.”

I fast forwarded 16 years and saw him: Natty Lite in hand, sitting on a syphilis covered couch, in his rat infested frat house common room. A girl gyrates beside him as he hollers, “Yeah! Shake it!”

I pushed the image out of my mind, swore to never enjoy “Blurred Lines” again, and went about eating my pizza. And then I read Eric’s article.

Some will argue that Miley’s “performance” is on her. Others will blame Robin Thicke. And there will, sadly, be even fewer fingers pointed at MTV and Disney. Yes, Disney. I said it.

As parents, or as anyone who has ever respected a woman, we can’t change the actions of Hollywood. We can only talk to our own children, model for them how to treat members of the opposite (or same) sex, and guide them to see the blurred lines of what is right and what is wrong.

As I was typing this post, my husband read over my shoulder. Here are some words of wisdom from one frat-boy-turned-father:

“Isn’t Robin Thicke getting any flack for this? It’s just not sexy to me. Have you watched it? It’s just a little kid running around trying to be ridiculous. I don’t know…I guess it’s what Britney Spears used to do; I’m just older now. (sighs) I guess it’s probably getting the reaction they wanted.”

We need to convey to our sons (and daughters) that “performances” such as these are ridiculous. We need to resist giving Hollywood the reaction it wants. Easier said than done? That’s the understatement of the week.

Ignoring the degradation of females doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. As a parent, saying nothing about Miley and Robin’s “performance” at the VMAs is condoning it.

It’s not your son’s fault now. But in 10 years, when he’s viewing, sharing, and promoting images such as these, it will be.

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