Disney World dilemma: Why you pay for things your kids won't remember

“Disney World? It’s so expensive! I’m not taking my kids there until the youngest is seven. Why pay for something they won’t remember?” 25-year-old me

“Disney World? It’s so expensive! Should we only go every third year?” present day, actual mom me

While looking through my June photos (below), I realize there are three arguments that I could have made against any of the activities we did:

1) Too expensive to pay for it.

2) Too little to enjoy it.

3) Too young to remember it.

Too expensive is relative. In terms of Disney, everything is pricey. $6 for a two minute dragon ride at the carnival is also not cost effective. But listening to the giddy squeals was worth every penny.

Too little to take to the Blackhawks parade. Yes, perhaps he didn’t understand that the guys on top of the bus were his same beloved hockey players. But seeing him point to the San-ee Cup made us all proud to be Chicagoans.

Too young to remember his great grandpa (GGPa). I’m not going to argue that my almost 91-year-old grandfather will live to the point where Logan remembers him. But watching the two put together puzzles is something that I will never forget.

Every experience does not have to be remembered for it to be worthwhile. Your child might not enjoy an experience the way you think he “should.” And you might overpay for that experience.

However, every second is a teachable moment. Each experience scaffolds itself on the previous one to build background knowledge of your little one’s world.

So, if you’re like me, and are eating your words that you’d never take your 2-year-old to Disney, you’re not alone. Parents often overpay in terms of budget, energy and time. In our experience, though, it’s always been worth it.


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