Soccer is an obsession around the world and for me as well. This blog is my place to write about the beautiful game, which consumes so much of my time. I watch international matches, MLS, Serie A, Premier League, youth tournaments, the women's game, you name it. I also love writing so this is my chance to write about something I truly love. I started this blog with the idea that I would do it for my enjoyment, but since starting it I spent two years covering the Chicago Fire for Comcast SportsNet Chicago (now NBC Sports Chicago) and two more for Pro Soccer USA. As a result, most of what I would have wrote about on the blog turned into things I was doing professionally.

For now, I am trying to resurrect the blog with some soccer book reviews and general commentary on video games (whatever comes to mind on that front). Over the past few years, I have made a concerted effort to read more soccer books with varying success and this blog serves as an extra motivation to get through them.

So, as of now, it's just soccer book reviews and some video game commentary just for fun.

Book or game suggestions? You can reach out to me on twitter (@TheDanSanto).

Thanks for reading,

Dan Santaromita