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Writing and soccer are two of my greatest pleasures in this world so I am combining them for this blog. I watch all kinds of different soccer so this blog will be a bit all over the place in terms of a specific focus.

There will be some Chicago Fire and Chicago Red Stars talk because the local teams get some extra attention from me. There will also be plenty of national team talk because any time a team puts on the U.S. shirt, it’s required viewing for me. I also expect to have some more general Major League Soccer talk bits and pieces from the European game as well.

I don’t expect to cover anything as in depth as Guillermo does at Fire Confidential, which if you don’t know is a must-read for Fire fans and is also on Chicago Now. I’m more going to be skimming the top on a lot of different topics and occasionally will take a deep dive once in a while. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this content as much I will enjoy writing it. Either way I’m going to have fun.

And now this…

Ahh, that’s my happy place. My favorite commercial ever. I would kill to go back in time and be in the studio for where they filmed that. That commercial has everything: 3-on-3 soccer in a cage, cool tricks, Elvis, Edgar Davids in shades (!), Francesco Totti on the winning team and, of course, Eric Cantona.

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  • Good luck Dan. Let me put in a request. I would love to see some analysis on how the media covers soccer in the Chicago market. I'd even be willing to help you collect some data.

  • In reply to Doug:

    Good topic. I second the motion.

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