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I Am The Great Recycler

Over the years, my husband, Martin, has turned me into a dumpster diver, a yard saler/rummage saler and an estate saler, most recently.  These days, the only items that I buy new are my underwear, socks and shoes.  Everything else I find on top of dumpsters or acquire at yard/rummage sales.   My mother would be appalled... Read more »

Citizens of West Rogers Park: Please Join My Recycling Program

I have decided to go forward with trying to organize a neighborhood recycling program in W. Rogers Park.  I am not going to publicly chastise those of you who can’t be bothered to cart your recyclables to a recycling center.  I am going to offer to come to your house, pick up your recyclables and cart... Read more »

Get With the Program, Rogers Park!

I have lived in many different northside neighborhoods in Chicago and have seen some enormous potholes, but that never prepared me for what I encountered when we moved to W. Rogers Park last year.   The streets are so bad in my neighborhood that the potholes have potholes.  Apparently, our immediate past alderman, the esteemed Bernie... Read more »