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The World According To E

My adopted 12 year old son, E, has been a champion arguer and negotiator pretty much since he could talk in complete sentences at age 3.  I decided long ago that he would grow up to be 1 of 4 things;  a lawyer, a politician, a pimp or a con-man. In light of the events... Read more »

Weighing In On The Chicago Teachers Strike

I am very conflicted about the first teachers’ strike in Chicago in 25 years.   My Mother was a teacher, although that was long ago and in a very different time.  She worked very hard, putting in long hours in and out of the classroom.  She was funny;  she looked forward to the school vacations, at... Read more »

Strangest. Birthday. Ever.

Yesterday was my 58th birthday.  I don’t know how I got to be this old.  It just sort of happened.  One day you are 24 and then all of a sudden you are 58.  It’s weird to be pushing 60.  I don’t feel 58.  I don’t look 58 and besides, I have an 11 year old son. ... Read more »

I Am The Great Recycler

Over the years, my husband, Martin, has turned me into a dumpster diver, a yard saler/rummage saler and an estate saler, most recently.  These days, the only items that I buy new are my underwear, socks and shoes.  Everything else I find on top of dumpsters or acquire at yard/rummage sales.   My mother would be appalled... Read more »

Raising Awareness About Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID)

I am still amazed at how few people are familiar with sensory integration dysfunction.  When I tell people that SID is my adopted son’s major disability, almost everyone says “what’s that?”  Yet, almost everyone is familiar with autism these days, which is a good thing. Sensory integration is the ability to organize sensory information for use by the brain.... Read more »

Get With the Program, Rogers Park!

I have lived in many different northside neighborhoods in Chicago and have seen some enormous potholes, but that never prepared me for what I encountered when we moved to W. Rogers Park last year.   The streets are so bad in my neighborhood that the potholes have potholes.  Apparently, our immediate past alderman, the esteemed Bernie... Read more »

That's the Ticket!

Trying to get my 11 year old son, E, to perform his daily ablutions is about as much fun as pulling out my own teeth.  He refuses to shower, hates brushing his teeth, hates getting up in the morning but avoids going to bed at night.  Left to his own devices, he would watch “screens”... Read more »

Sock Wars: Best. Game. Ever.

My 11 year old adopted son, E, has sensory processing disorder.  He has trouble making sense of the thousands of sensory messages that are delivered to his brain every day of his life.   One of his biggest deficits is with the proprioceptive sense;  this refers to movement and body position.  He is constantly crashing into... Read more »

Volunteering Strengthens the Parent-Child Bond

My 11 year old son, E, and I volunteered at St. Ben’s Church on Thanksgiving when our own plans fell through.  We had such a wonderful time that we are now in full-fledged volunteering mode.  We have signed up to volunteer at the same church on Christmas Day;  I’m Jewish and my husband’s family is... Read more »

Why I Hate Halloween

When I was a kid, which was when dinosaurs roamed the earth, when you went trick-or-treating, you got not only candy, but taffy apples, fruit and penny toys. That was in the days before sickos put pins or razor blades in fruit. So, now it’s candy, candy and more candy. It’s not just one piece of candy at... Read more »