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New products roll out at Illinois medical marijuana dispensaries

Welp, the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program is quickly approaching its first birthday on November 9. The reason I remember this is because the pilot program debuted on the birthday of my sister, my uncle, and my son who will be turning 16 this year. We are in negotiations about which, if any vehicle, I... Read more »

Medical marijuana opened up many doors for Illinois man with epilepsy

Four months ago I wrote a post about David Kurfman, friend, Illinois medical cannabis patient, medical cannabis advocate and now an employee in the Illinois medical cannabis industry. It has been such an interesting journey for David. His family and friends bought into the propaganda that marijuana use was evil and was a gateway drug... Read more »

What happens if the DEA reschedules marijuana to Schedule II?

Facebook has been buzzing these past few weeks about the prospect of the DEA rescheduling marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II on the Controlled Substance Act (CSA) of 1970. That’s the statute that established and controls federal US drug policy. The DEA and the FDA determine which drugs get scheduled on which list, although... Read more »

Medical marijuana saved the life of 8 year old boy with Angelman Syndrome

I think my favorite part of my cannabis advocacy is sharing life-saving success stories. These days, it is not unusual for someone to contact me about a miraculous success story about their loved one, asking me to blog about them. That’s what this post is about and I hope you will share this story, dear... Read more »

Deconstructing medical marijuana: what is CBD oil?

This weekend, Green Flower Media hosted an amazing online event; the 1st Virtual Cannabis Health Summit which streamed live from the comfort and warmth of my computer…and it was free. Over 20 of the world’s top doctors, scientist and leaders gave 22 minute Ted-style presentations about the science and information of cannabis use today for... Read more »

Medical Marijuana: The endocannabinoid system explains how it all works

Boy howdy, but haven’t we done a complete 180 on marijuana? Terms like potheads, dope fiends and Reefer Madness come to mind and are still being used to describe marijuana usage. It is still classified as a Substance I drug, alongside heroin, LSD, peyote and Ecstasy. Yeah. That makes a whole lot of sense. Not.... Read more »

Medical Marijuana: Here's what I know now that I didn't know before

I’ve been blogging about medical marijuana for about 6 weeks. Prior to that I really didn’t know very much about the interesting and quite complicated world of medical marijuana. As a recreational user, you really don’t think to ask the seller what strain of marijuana you are purchasing. As long as it gets you “where... Read more »