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Illinois medical marijuana community is a microcosm of a unified America

Illinois medical marijuana community is a microcosm of a unified America
If you spend any time on social media at the moment, it only takes a few minutes to realize how divided our country is, to the point where I fear for what might happen. I have heard of more than one extended family where there are both Trump supporters and Clinton supporters which must make... Read more »

Did Rauner always intend to kill the Illinois medical marijuana program?

I really hate being “Debbie Downer” here, but this latest news on the fate of our Illinois Medical Marijuana Pilot Program (MCPP) seems to be the final “nail in the coffin.” This just in from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), the agency that oversees the program. No more new qualifying conditions will be... Read more »

The medical marijuana legalization movement is gaining momentum despite opposition

We are in the midst of a revolution, people!!! Clearly, some of the establishment “don’t like it one little bit!” In response, they are doing everything in their power to kill this revolution. I am referring to the revolution to free the weed, ganja, MJ, Mary Jane, pot, dope, marijuana, cannabis, call it what you... Read more »

Illinois doctors: why do you prescribe opiates like candy but you refuse to recommend medical marijuana?

The question I get asked the most these days in my capacity as an “expert” on the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program (MCPP) is “do you know a doctor who is willing to recommend cannabis?” Sadly, my answer is “no” and now I find myself in a similar position where I need to find a... Read more »

Medical marijuana saved Deborah Coleman's life

One of the really cool things that has happened as a result of my blogging about medical marijuana is that I have been contacted by dozens of readers about their stories, some of whom have become friends. I just LOVE when that happens. One such woman is Deborah Coleman. Several disheartening events have happened in... Read more »

IDPH Director Shah: Approve PTSD (and 10 other conditions) for medical marijuana today!

The majority of Americans now favor the legalization of medical marijuana (which I will henceforth refer to as cannabis) and the decriminalization of recreational marijuana. Yet, there are more than two dozen states where cannabis is completely illegal. People are finally sick and tired of being sick; using costly pharmaceuticals with their horrendous adverse side... Read more »

Dear doctors who refuse to recommend medical marijuana: I have a bone to pick with you

Hey doctors, especially those in Illinois, I have a real bone to pick with you…because now it is personal. I now know 2 people with a debilitating condition who are REALLY suffering and would REALLY benefit from medical marijuana to help relieve their symptoms and improve the quality of their lives, but their docs refuse... Read more »

Charlotte's Web Hemp Oil is truly a miracle cure for many

Meet the Stanley Brothers. They come from an evangelical Christian family of 11 kids from Colorado Springs, Colorado. They are a pretty unlikely bunch to be one of the biggest producers of cannabis oil in the country. Don’t feel bad if you have never heard of them. I had never heard of them, either, until... Read more »

A new federally funded study: Cannabis and its effect on veterans with PTSD

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. This post is for the hundreds of thousands of American veterans who put their lives on the line in foreign countries and came back home with PTSD. Relief may finally be on the way. The US Senate Committee on Appropriations just recently voted to add... Read more »