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Medical marijuana opened up many doors for Illinois man with epilepsy

Four months ago I wrote a post about David Kurfman, friend, Illinois medical cannabis patient, medical cannabis advocate and now an employee in the Illinois medical cannabis industry. It has been such an interesting journey for David. His family and friends bought into the propaganda that marijuana use was evil and was a gateway drug... Read more »

Illinois medical marijuana community is a microcosm of a unified America

Illinois medical marijuana community is a microcosm of a unified America
If you spend any time on social media at the moment, it only takes a few minutes to realize how divided our country is, to the point where I fear for what might happen. I have heard of more than one extended family where there are both Trump supporters and Clinton supporters which must make... Read more »

Recent medical marijuana news round-up with video of 51-foot inflatable joint

He ha! I haven’t done what I call a “medical cannabis round-up” in a long while. That is what I refer to as exciting recent cannabis news items that I just have to share with you, dear readers. Those of you involved in Illinois’ medical cannabis program know how difficult it has been to get... Read more »

Medical marijuana helps Illinois 5 year old recover from in utero stroke

The posts I enjoy writing the most these days are those that chronicle cannabis success stories for children. Today’s post is about a 5 year old named Aria who has had unbelievable challenges in life since before birth. Her Mom, Lauren Ford, is my hero…and I say that as the Mother of a child with... Read more »

What happens if the DEA reschedules marijuana to Schedule II?

Facebook has been buzzing these past few weeks about the prospect of the DEA rescheduling marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II on the Controlled Substance Act (CSA) of 1970. That’s the statute that established and controls federal US drug policy. The DEA and the FDA determine which drugs get scheduled on which list, although... Read more »

Lance Gloor gets 10 year federal prison sentence for growing legal medical marijuana

My cannabis activism has taken me down some very interesting paths in the past year. I’ve met lots of people who healed themselves using cannabis when nothing else worked. I’ve helped them share their success and joyous stories with the world via my blog. I have interviewed people from all over the country and consider... Read more »

Oregon senior treats her breast cancer using medical marijuana

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a sucker for cannabis cancer success stories since there is soooo much pushback from soooo many people who are soooo completely certain that cannabis oil can’t possibly treat cancer. Western doctors, of course, especially oncologists, would be the most skeptical. Today’s post is about a woman... Read more »

Lance Gloor is innocent of breaking Washington state medical marijuana laws

At this writing, Lance Gloor is behind bars at SeaTac Federal Detention Center in SeaTac, Washingon, awaiting sentencing. He has been there since March 21, 2016. His crime? Growing medical cannabis plants, 73 to be exact, within the guidelines of a state approved dispensary for medical cannabis patients with medical cannabis cards. There is so... Read more »

NFL's Eugene Monroe pushes league to change its policy on medical marijuana usage

NFL's Eugene Monroe pushes league to change its policy on medical marijuana usage
There is so much going on in the medical cannabis world and I am proud to say that I am in the thick of it. I honestly never expected to see this change of attitude towards cannabis use in my lifetime. The success stories of people weaning themselves off of horrendous, addictive, life-threatening painkillers, particularly... Read more »

Former NFL players embrace medical marijuana to treat career injuries

I will be the first to admit that I know next to nothing about the sport that Americans call football. I live with a native Brit and we watch football…the sport that Americans call soccer. I have always found American football, as we call it, to be an incredibly brutal sport, especially when head injuries... Read more »