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The curious disappearance of the IL Medical Cannabis Advisory Board

Most of us in the Illinois medical cannabis community are very aware that our governor, Bruce Rauner, is no friend of our medical cannabis program. He has consistently sabotaged it from the very beginning. He delayed the allocation of licenses to dispensary owners which retarded the start of the MCPP. He has consistently vetoed any... Read more »

Illinois man with ALS credits medical marijuana with keeping him alive

I have really been shirking my blog writing duties lately due to the “I can’t take my eyes off the train wreck” also known as the 2016 Presidential Election. Anywho, I have returned to writing about my favorite subject; medical cannabis success stories. Today, I am featuring a southern Illinois resident, Barry Coughlin, who has... Read more »

New products roll out at Illinois medical marijuana dispensaries

Welp, the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program is quickly approaching its first birthday on November 9. The reason I remember this is because the pilot program debuted on the birthday of my sister, my uncle, and my son who will be turning 16 this year. We are in negotiations about which, if any vehicle, I... Read more »

Illinois mom of 4 overcomes enormous health challenges with medical cannabis use

Illinois mom of 4 overcomes enormous health challenges with medical cannabis use
I have taken a little detour from my usual subject of medical cannabis to comment on the meteoric rise of Donald John Trump. ┬áIt has left me terrified and saddened at the state of our nation. It looks like he is on his way out after a horrendous week of meltdowns. It is time for... Read more »

Medical marijuana opened up many doors for Illinois man with epilepsy

Four months ago I wrote a post about David Kurfman, friend, Illinois medical cannabis patient, medical cannabis advocate and now an employee in the Illinois medical cannabis industry. It has been such an interesting journey for David. His family and friends bought into the propaganda that marijuana use was evil and was a gateway drug... Read more »

Illinois medical marijuana community is a microcosm of a unified America

Illinois medical marijuana community is a microcosm of a unified America
If you spend any time on social media at the moment, it only takes a few minutes to realize how divided our country is, to the point where I fear for what might happen. I have heard of more than one extended family where there are both Trump supporters and Clinton supporters which must make... Read more »

Recent medical marijuana news round-up with video of 51-foot inflatable joint

He ha! I haven’t done what I call a “medical cannabis round-up” in a long while. That is what I refer to as exciting recent cannabis news items that I just have to share with you, dear readers. Those of you involved in Illinois’ medical cannabis program know how difficult it has been to get... Read more »

Medical marijuana helps Illinois 5 year old recover from in utero stroke

The posts I enjoy writing the most these days are those that chronicle cannabis success stories for children. Today’s post is about a 5 year old named Aria who has had unbelievable challenges in life since before birth. Her Mom, Lauren Ford, is my hero…and I say that as the Mother of a child with... Read more »

Illinois teen with epilepsy gets her life back with medical marijuana

I have met a lot of “Warrior Moms” in my travels as a cannabis activist but there is none more courageous and tenacious than Amy Bottoms, mother of Allison Sky Centennial, a 16 year old southern Illinois teen with epilepsy. If there was an award for “Mother of the Year,” Amy deserves it! The family... Read more »

Illinois marijuana decriminalization bill awaiting Rauner's signature

The good news, no the fantastic news, is that the Illinois bill that decriminalizes marijuana passed both the Illinois House and Senate and is waiting for Governor Rauner’s signature. The bad news is that it appears that he is going to wait until the 11th hour to make a decision on the bill, as he... Read more »