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Did you know that commercial hemp production is still federally illegal in the US?

While cannabis will always be my first love, my current new obsession is hemp, as I realize more and more what an amazing plant it is. There are so many reasons to be growing hemp, commercially, in the US, and in every country, actually. Here’s the link to my first hemp post which mainly talks... Read more »

Making the case for hemp...marijuana's kissing cousin

Today, I am going to take a teensy, weensy little detour away from my usual topic of cannabis and talk about its kissing cousin, hemp. If that racist asswipe, Harry J. Anslinger, hadn’t made it illegal in 1937, along with marijuana, we would be living in a very different world. So, fuck you, Harry J.... Read more »

A medical marijuana miracle for one happy dog

Now that so many people know of my involvement in the legalize cannabis movement, many ask me why I got involved. I am not a patient in Illinois because I do not qualify for any of the 39 conditions that would allow me access to the program. I am in pretty good health for an... Read more »

Medical Marijuana: You don't have to smoke it and it doesn't make you high

You don’t have to smoke it and it doesn’t make you high. I find myself saying this to people on a regular basis when talking about medical marijuana. This still seems to be the biggest misconception about medical marijuana. These days, the most effective and easiest way to get the most benefit from the plant... Read more »

Charlotte's Web Hemp Oil is truly a miracle cure for many

Meet the Stanley Brothers. They come from an evangelical Christian family of 11 kids from Colorado Springs, Colorado. They are a pretty unlikely bunch to be one of the biggest producers of cannabis oil in the country. Don’t feel bad if you have never heard of them. I had never heard of them, either, until... Read more »

Would you give your pet cannabis?

Virtually every article I have read about cannabis and companion animals has started out the same way. “No, you’re dog won’t get high if you give him cannabis.” Ba dum, dum…I’ll be here til Thursday. Try the veal. I am NOT going to start this post with that same lame joke. There still seems to... Read more »