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When blogging yo! meets medical marijuana

A few months ago, I received the following message via FB Messenger: Hi Leslie, my name is Frederick (not his real name) and I have a daughter with Angelman Syndrome..I need your help to guide me purchasing CBD+THC for my daughter….we live in London,UK…GOD BLESS YOU !!!! It turned out that Frederick had found my... Read more »

Alabama mom on a mission to legalize medical marijuana

I thought I was passionate about medical cannabis until I met Michelle Benton. She is an Alabama native, single Mom, former physician’s assistant, and now, full time advocate for medical cannabis usage. I discovered Michelle via her Facebook page, Maven for Legalization, and I knew I needed to talk to her about her advocacy. I... Read more »

What happens if the DEA reschedules marijuana to Schedule II?

Facebook has been buzzing these past few weeks about the prospect of the DEA rescheduling marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II on the Controlled Substance Act (CSA) of 1970. That’s the statute that established and controls federal US drug policy. The DEA and the FDA determine which drugs get scheduled on which list, although... Read more »

A medical marijuana miracle for one happy dog

Now that so many people know of my involvement in the legalize cannabis movement, many ask me why I got involved. I am not a patient in Illinois because I do not qualify for any of the 39 conditions that would allow me access to the program. I am in pretty good health for an... Read more »

Even the US National Cancer Institute admits that cannabis kills cancer cells

The US National Cancer Institute has quietly admitted that cannabis kills cancer cells without damaging normal cells. Do I need to repeat this? To me, this is a really.big.fucking deal. Not chemotherapy, not radiation…but cannabis, the plant that has been demonized for the past 80 years as the “gateway drug” to hard drug use and... Read more »

No, you don't have to smoke medical marijuana; 7 alternatives

I would venture to guess that the biggest misconception about medical marijuana is that you have to smoke it in order to consume it. As a result, people who would more than likely benefit from its use never entertain the idea of trying it. To all those people who fit into this category, I am... Read more »

Dear doctors who refuse to recommend medical marijuana: I have a bone to pick with you

Hey doctors, especially those in Illinois, I have a real bone to pick with you…because now it is personal. I now know 2 people with a debilitating condition who are REALLY suffering and would REALLY benefit from medical marijuana to help relieve their symptoms and improve the quality of their lives, but their docs refuse... Read more »

Medical Marijuana: A very unconventional treatment for autism

If you know anything about the incidence of autism in American children, you know that the rate of autism has increased significantly in the past decade. In 2002, it was 1 in 150, in 2004, it had risen to 1 in 125, in 2006, 1 in 110, in 2008, 1 in 88, and the latest... Read more »

Medical Marijuana: The endocannabinoid system explains how it all works

Boy howdy, but haven’t we done a complete 180 on marijuana? Terms like potheads, dope fiends and Reefer Madness come to mind and are still being used to describe marijuana usage. It is still classified as a Substance I drug, alongside heroin, LSD, peyote and Ecstasy. Yeah. That makes a whole lot of sense. Not.... Read more »

Medical Marijuana: Here's what I know now that I didn't know before

I’ve been blogging about medical marijuana for about 6 weeks. Prior to that I really didn’t know very much about the interesting and quite complicated world of medical marijuana. As a recreational user, you really don’t think to ask the seller what strain of marijuana you are purchasing. As long as it gets you “where... Read more »