I already qualify for a lot of senior discounts, have been married to the same crazy man for 39 years and have an 18 year old adopted son with sensory integration dysfunction. The stress...Oy! I have been a massage therapist for 22 years and massaged my son until he crawled away at 7 months.

I started out writing this blog as therapy for dealing with my son who had explosive behavior disorder. Everything changed when he turned 12. We adopted 2 kittens who are now 6 years old. My son pulled himself together and is now a senior in high school at Roosevelt High School.

I needed a new topic for my blog, so I started writing about medical cannabis and got involved in the Illinois cannabis community. I was hired to write a weekly article for one of the Illinois medical cannabis dispensaries, Midwest Compassion Center, in Romeoville. Here is the link to my articles. https://www.midwestcompassion.org/illinois-marijuana-news/