Dear Rheem CEO, JR Jones: Your Company Sucks!

Dear Rheem CEO, JR Jones: Your Company Sucks!

Hello Campers! I know it has been a very, very long time since I posted anything, but I need my Soapbox to call out a company who has “done me wrong!” Hell, it worked the last time I did this kinda thing with T-Mobile, so I am hoping that someone from Rheem will see this post and “do the right thing.”

The story so far:

In July, 2015, I purchased a Rheem Water Heater for my home. I paid for an extended 5-year warranty from the company who sold me the original unit. Of course, that warranty has expired because that is the story of my life. Two weeks ago, our water heater stopped working. My very clever husband figured out that the sightglass had completely shattered. According to my plumber, it is extremely unusual for the sightglass to break in a heater that is only 7 years old. Without going into a lengthy diatribe about the workings of water heaters, the abbreviated story is that the sightglass lives in a panel which protects the flame and needed to be replaced in order to be able to relight the water heater. I called Rheem and received the replacement part, but by law, it MUST be replaced by a licensed plumber. This meant that I would have to pay a plumber to replace the part which I did.

I just called Rheem in order to be reimbursed for the labor cost, only to be told that “they couldn’t reimburse me” because the labor warranty is only good for 2 years. My response was “of course you can reimburse me, but you are choosing not to.” So, I looked up how much Rheem Manufacturing Company “earned” in 2021….$1.7 Billion with a B. That is a lot of money, ya think?

I tried playing the “I’m a senior card” which didn’t work, so I am now taking to social media to try and shame Rheem into doing the right thing!

So, how about it, Mr. JR Jones???? You could be a mensch and reimburse this old lady and be a hero. Or, you could be a chump and ignore me. If you choose the latter, I will never purchase another Rheem product and I will tell everyone I know not to purchase your products. The ball is in your court!

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