Dear T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert: Your Company Sucks

Dear T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert: Your Company Sucks

Breaking News Update: Apparently, the right person either saw this post or was sent it and I just got a call from Sprint who resolved my problems.

Thank you Sprint!

You know you are old when you start out a post with the words…

“Let me tell you about the olden days”

and in this case, it is about the first cell phones that were so big that you needed a backpack to schlep them around. My first cell phone provider was US Cellular. I was a loyal customer until it was bought out by Sprint in 2012. I looked around at other companies and decided that Sprint had the best rates, so I stayed with them.

My husband, Martin, and I purchased our first smart phones in 2012; Samsung 3s. We decided to give our then 12 year old son his first phone, a flip phone which only received incoming calls. Not long afterwards, we got him a Samsung 3, as well.

Neither Martin nor I have any brand loyalty nor are we interested in having the latest cellphones. In fact, until the pandemic kept us inside so much, Martin really never used his phone very much other than using his email account for his voiceover business and for making calls to me and our son.

Once live football was cancelled….and when I say football, I am actually referring to the sport which involves a ball and feet, known to Americans as soccer, Martin figured out how to watch old games on YouTube. He REALLY needed his “football fix” to get him through the pandemic. He was absolutely elated when European football leagues figured out how to keep their players free from the virus and games resumed. BTW, not one player has tested positive because they aren’t selfish idiots who kept breaking quarantine. It took American sports teams many more months to figure it out, because Americans ARE selfish idiots who kept breaking quarantine. But I digress….

Fast forward to July 31, 2020. I receive an email from T-Mobile, formerly known as Sprint, telling me that I will have to upgrade two of my phones by August 31, 2020. Because of their age, T-Mobile’s network’s MAY NO LONGER BE ABLE TO SUPPORT THEM after that date.


Granted that Martin REALLY needed a new phone since he still had a Samsung 5 which came out in 2014. The screen has lots of small cracks but it is still serviceable. Our son had a Samsung 8 which came out in 2017, which didn’t strike me as terribly old. Last March, I had to upgrade from a Samsung 6, which I had managed to damage to the point that I could no longer charge it, to the LG Tribute Royal, which absolutely sucks, BTW. Don’t get one. Half the time I can’t make phone calls when I am outside, either because the connection breaks up or the person on the other end can’t hear me while I can hear them.

Anywho, I decide to bite the bullet and I spent several hours on the phone with T-Mobile, purchasing new phones that I really cannot afford. I am none too happy about the situation and I definitely let the poor sod who happened to answer my call know that I was not a happy camper. At one point, I thought he was going to hang up on me but I apologized because what was I supposed to do? You can’t not have a phone these days.

The new phones came. August 31st came and went. And guess what? The phones that weren’t supposed to work are still working. It’s a miracle, Jesus!

Then, I received a second email on September 30 that truly sent me over the top….


Sprint and T-Mobile came together earlier this year….blahdy-blahdy-blah blah

We recently discovered we sent you the following message in error. It does not apply to your account. We apologize for any confusion the message may have caused.

Are you fucking kidding me? We are sorry for any confusion? That’s it…after you lied to me and forced me to buy phones I didn’t need. A “we apologize email.” To describe me as enraged, infuriated, livid, pissed off and thoroughly outraged would be an understatement. I attempted to communicate with some sort of supervisor to voice my displeasure. I tried an online chat and after 2 hours of being dicked around, I gave up. I told them I expected them to contact me. They probably got a good laugh out of that one. Never happened. A couple of days ago, I risked my health and went to my local T-Mobile office. The supervisor told me, through the poor schmuck who was stuck trying to calm me down, that there was nothing he could do. Seriously? Of course, there is something you could do. Give me some money off my monthly bill for all the time and money I wasted. He said that I could send the old phones back and get a credit on my account. Said supervisor refused to even talk to me. Nice. Great customer service. Apparently, as is the story of my life, nobody else on the planet received such an email. Just me. 7 billion people on earth and it is always me. Yup.

I have a message for the new CEO of T-Mobile, Mike Sievert….

Dear Mike,
You and your company suck. I will tell everyone I know not to use your company. You lied to me, forced me into buying 2 new phones that I didn’t need and then told me it was a mistake and you are sorry???? And now I am beholden to your horrible company for another 2 years. Not to mention the fact that the list price for my son’s phone is $650???? Really? It probably actually costs $1.47. You most likely will not see this post but perhaps others will who might think twice about using your company.

A very disgruntled Sprint customer

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