Legendary marijuana magazine, High Times, goes public without an IPO

I have been a cannabis user since I discovered it my freshman year at University of Illinois in 1972. I have always been extremely tightly wound, raised by a narcissistic, hypochondriacal, anxious, OCD, emotionally absent mother. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. How did she survive without ending up in a mental institution? It was touch and go for a while, but 5 years of intensive therapy gave me the tools to cope, kinda sorta. Anywho, I found that cannabis helped me turn off all the negative thoughts that endlessly go round and round in my head. I love to get high and just veg out. And OMFG, food is so unbelievably delish, and doing my daily 3 mile constitutional is so much more interesting. And, it is the best medicine there is for sleep, bar none, with no nasty side effects. You wake up refreshed!

In those days, it was joints, pipes, water pipes and bongs. Weed consisted of flower mixed with leaves. And of course, Alice B. Toklas chocolate brownies. My first cannabis purchase was a lid of Arkansas Red. 5 buckeroos for an ounce, including stems and seeds. How the times have changed!

I have been reading High Times for decades. It was started in 1974 as a magazine. For all you millennials who don’t know life BI – Before Internet; I just made that up….we were forced to read. Books, encyclopedias, magazines and a handful of TV stations was all there was. No Wikipedia or Google. No Netflix. No cable. It was awful. Actually, it wasn’t because we didn’t have a choice.

High Times has survived and gone through many incarnations from its early days as a piss take on Playboy…I just found that out this minute reading about its inception. It now has a huge online presence for serious cannabis entrepreneurs as well as stoners and everything in between; something for everyone. Here is a link to an article that appeared in Slate about its 40th anniversary back in 2014.

I started writing about cannabis in May, 2015, after I realized that there were thousands of “Mommy Bloggers” that I was competing with and very few people were reading my blog. Plus, my son got so much better that I no longer needed to use my blog as therapy for coping with his behavior disorder.

It was incredible timing, as the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program was six months away from coming to fruition after the program was passed into law in 2013. It was supposed to start on January 1, 2014, but then Governor Quinn dragged his feet and Rauner defeated him in November, 2014, and then it just stalled. It started on November 9, 2015. The reason I always remember the starting day is that it is my son’s birthday.

When I started writing my blog, I didn’t know nothin’ about nothin’ when it came to the science of cannabis. I learned “on the job” as I started researching it. It began as “Medical Marijuana For Dummies” which included me. I started getting involved in the medical cannabis community. I joined the Illinois Medical Cannabis Community Facebook page and met some amazing people with whom I have become friends.

Through this blog, I was approached by the owners of one of the Illinois dispensaries, Midwest Compassion Center, in Romeoville. Check them out if you live in their neck of the woods and are about to choose a dispensary. They are very knowledgeable and kind, their products are great and their customers adore them. They offered to hire me to write a weekly article about cannabis for their website. Here is a link going back to all my articles. I have written over 100. I jumped at the chance. I have learned an incredible amount. My articles are now much more cannabis science-based now that I understand it. I often use HighTimes.com as a trusted source for my articles.

In 1988, they introduced the High Times Cannabis Cup, the quintessential gathering of all things cannabis related. I have never attended one, but I hope to do so one day. The closest one to us in Illinois is in Michigan. Happening this upcoming weekend, September 8 & 9, in Clio, MI.

I have been looking for a cannabis investment opportunity for months, now. Of course, most financial advisors will tell you to stay clear of cannabis stocks, at all costs. I was seriously thinking about investing in a grow company in California last year. I know enough that due diligence is required to avoid losing your investment. I asked many people that I now know in the industry and nobody was familiar with this company, so I decided to take a pass.

I have been keeping an eye on cannabis stocks for a while, still hesitant to jump in. I knew that High Times was about to go public on September 12, 2018, at $11; a great starting price. There are daily discussions about whether or not cannabis stocks are in a bubble and will ultimately tank. I decided to take the plunge and I bought 20 shares of High Times stock yesterday. I hope I made a smart decision.

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