Meet the Alabama Senate candidate Doug Jones, who supports marijuana legalization

Hello dear readers! It has been a while, hasn’t it? I hope you haven’t all forgotten me. I’ve got some very important news for Alabamians. Meet Alabama Democratic Senatorial candidate Doug Jones. He is running against RWNJTFH (Right Wing Nut Job Tin Foil Hatter) Republican Roy Moore for the Senate seat vacated by Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. That is such a stunning name that I just like to write it all out. As most of you know, Jeff Sessions is US Attorney General. You probably also know that Alabama is a very RED state. And we are living in very strange times. And it looks like Doug Jones has an excellent chance of actually defeating Roy Moore, who has a LOT of problems with telling the truth…and a son who has been arrested 9 times.

dougjonesDoug Jones became an Assistant US Attorney for Birmingham in 1980. He is the former US Attorney for the North District of Alabama. He is responsible for the conviction, in 2002, of 2 former KKK Klansmen for the 1963 bombing of the Sixteen Street Baptist Church. 4 young girls were killed in the blast. This case went cold until Doug Jones and his team revived it. Almost 40 years later, they finally got justice for the girls. This is a man who believes deeply that the US is a land of laws and will follow them to the letter. I am certain he will work in the best interests of all the citizens of Alabama and not for the special interests groups.

Here’s the coolest thing about Doug Jones. He has spoken openly about his stance on medical cannabis. He completely supports the use and legalization of medical cannabis. He is also a supporter of the decriminalization of cannabis because he knows the criminal justice system must get out of the business of locking up non-violent cannabis users. His focus must be on the huge opioids crisis which Alabama faces. A new poll indicates that as many as 94% of Americans are in favor of medical cannabis usage when prescribed by their doctors. Very few people favor Sessions’ obsession with using taxpayer funds for raiding legitimate medical cannabis dispensaries. As many as 61% of Americans now favor legalization of recreational cannabis. Let’s hope that Doug Jones’ position on cannabis will give him the edge to defeat Roy Moore. At the moment, they are tied in the polls.

The election takes place very soon, on December 12. Here’s a fun fact. Doug and his wife, Louise, will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on election day. So, if you want to give the Joneses a wonderful wedding gift and you think that Alabamians deserve access to both medical and recreational cannabis, please share this article with all your friends and family in Alabama. Urge them to get out and vote. Voter turnout will be key!

Here’s a link to how you can help get Doug Jones elected.

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